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Oct 15, 2006 11:51 PM

ISO Breakfast Recs downtown or near Thayer Street for this weekend.

ISO Breakfast Recs downtown or near Thayer Street for this weekend.

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  1. Opposite side of the city from where you mentioned but I'll have to suggest them anyway....

    I think Nick's on Broadway has the best breakfast in the city - supposed to move to a new (larger) location, still on Broadway, not sure if that's happened yet. I haven't been in a while.

    A close 2nd would probably be Julian's (also Broadway).

    I haven't been yet, but Caffe dolca Vita on Atwells (by the fountain at DePasquale) has begun serving breakfast (there are Nutella crepes on the menu - mmmmm).

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    1. re: JaneRI

      Thanks Jane. We'll check them out!

    2. Superb bagels, limited seating, zero atmosphere at Bagel Gourmet on Brook St. I believe there is a location on Thayer too.

      Their Mexican menu is surprisingly great too (breakfast burritos, etc.)

      1. Is is proper to recommend a place you have not eaten? Folks I know love Louis' on Brook St (a block from Bagel Gourmet). It looks very funky and friendly and has been there forever.

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        1. re: atheorist

          louie's is a total greasy spoon diner. definitely satisfying. but not superlative. the best part of the experience was louie himself, who would wander around and dispense terse words of wisdom, then shuffle back to a seat in the corner and snooze. he died years ago.

          1. re: rose water

            I'll post only from firsthand experience from now on.

            1. re: atheorist

              well, i've got to say, i'm posting from pretty dated experience. and i did not mean to imply that it's a bad place. i did love louie's back in the day. (and my parents really loved the scathing personality that was louie himself). so please, go, and then post back! i look forward to hearing your impression

        2. STAY AWAY FROM NICK'S ON BROADWAY UNLESS YOU PLAN TO WAIT FOR AN HOUR!!!! Sure the food is good but it's completely cramped in there and the wait is ridiculous.

          As for julian's - if you're into the indie hipster crowd go for it. The food is really good but the clientele gets really annoying...and it's not near thayer.

          Paragon on Thayer has a disappointing brunch - don't bother. Louis'is a dream but can be crowded.

          Rue de l'espoir on the corner of hope and john streets always does a nice brunch - but you should call ahead - at least that morning for a reservation so you don't have to wait too long. I recommend the eggs benedict. To be fair a couple times I've had the occassion of getting my food a bit on the lukewarm side - but very infrequently.

          You could haul your butt down to modern diner way down hope I think (check on that) - that sometimes has a line so get there a half hour before you want to eat.

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          1. re: nkb

            The wait at Nicks is not always ridiculous, but either way the point is moot because I believe that they are finally moving to their new location further down Broadway (just before Tobey St) this week! It promises to be much larger, easier to get into and less cramped. Hopefully the food stays the same.

            Julians is a fine place to have a drink and hang out, but the food is pretty lousy.

            Downtown I would recommend the brunch at Taceria Pacifica, inside of AS220, but it's definitely brunch, not breakfast--they're only open after noon, and brunch is only on saturdays. awesome freerange egg breakfast burritos though!

            1. re: nkb

              Rue de L'Espoir would be my choice, esp. if you'll be carless. Modern Diner is very good too, and if you have a car it's a milk run. Just drive down Hope St into Pawtucket, where it turns into East Ave, the Modern is on your right a few blocks past Shea High School.

              When I was in RI a few months back I hit both and was pleased with both. The Rue has solid food, very good coffee, and is better for lingering and spreading out the paper, the Modern has some great food in a really classic diner that has been featured in Zippy the Pinhead a couple of times.

            2. To the person who said they'll only post firsthand experience - I don't think there's anything wrong w/what you posted, especially since you stated right up front you were just repeating what you were told.

              Now, is such a subjective thing that I'd rarely argue the point w/someone who disagreed w/me, but on this point I have to - the food at Julian's is definitely NOT LOUSY. It's very good, at least for breakfast which is the only meal I've ever eaten there. Actually, I've been for lunch...and gotten breakfast food.

              And I agree w/the Rue de L'Espoir rec. Very good brunch.

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              1. re: JaneRI

                Yeah, I'll admit I overstated my dislike of Julian's, but I don't think there's really any reason to have breakfast there with Nick's so close. I used to think differently, and I still go there occasionally, but J's is very uneven and I just don't believe that they care about the quality of food the way their prices indicate they ought to. Breakfast is definitely the best meal to have there, however (in part because the price to quaity ratio is more reasonable).