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Oct 15, 2006 11:17 PM

fun for friday night group dinner with great food/patio

Looking for a fun happenin place for a Friday night like a cafe Stella but more west hollywoodish area. Also prefer patio. Any Suggestions?

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  1. They've got great food and a patio at Hungry Cat, in the complex across from the Arclight at Sunset and Vine.

    If you like Cafe Stella, you might also like Le Petit Bistro, on La Cienega, which also has a patio.

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      Don't mean to be rude but the "patio" at Hungry Cat is more of a poured concrete outside "space" facing a non-descript store in a mall walkway - I actually think it's quite unpleasant.

      For patio's I would recommend Sofi on 3rd street. A beautiful hidden jewel especially if you like Greek food. Very european food. Also the patio at Pane Vino on Beverly is very pretty and relaxed and good people watching.

    2. Little Door on 3rd st. Gorgeous patio, great wine, fun vibe, yummy food. Not cheap though. And I agree that Pane e Vino is also good.

      1. I highly second Pan e Vino - a bit more high-end, but great food (pizzas, pastas, seafood and meats), and awesome service. Celeb-packed, but locale comfortable, too.

        Little Door is a bit more formal, imo, but still pretty and great service. It's darker, and tables are a bit more closer and crowded.

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          1. Dominick's on Beverly (around La Cienega) has a pretty dreamy patio. Twinkly lights, brick walls, small bar outside, good vibe. Not too fancy, not too expensive, but a fun night out.