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Oct 15, 2006 10:22 PM


any truffle menus or supplements anywhere?

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  1. I hope there'll be more responses, but here's a recent thread where I had a similar query:

    1. anyone know if troquet offers the truffle option every night, or if they have truffles as part of their tasting menus? how are their tasting dinners, by the way?

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        AFAIK, Troquet is offering the white truffle option in specials until they run out; quarter ounce of white truffles go for $40. No black truffles yet (too early).

      2. You may want to give Grotto on Beacon Hill a call. They do a truffle-inspired menu every year in the fall/winter - maybe December.

        1. Clio usually has white truffles around as soon as the season permits. Clio's pricing though is very dear for the amt of truffle they give you. Haven't been to the restaurant recently so don't know if they have them yet.

          There are truffles around, but the season is a little late this year.

          For one of the best white truffle dining experiences anywhere... Alain Ducasse's restaurants in Paris, Monte Carlo, or NYC have an all white truffle tasting menu. Expensive ($320/per person in NY this year) but if you have the money it's amazing. Just started in NYC this week. Here's the menu:

          Alain Ducasse White Truffle Menu

          >Egg & Tartufi

          >Partridge consommé/velouté, aged Armagnac, roasted chestnut, white truffle

          >Grilled day boat scallops, select herbs, garlic nougatine, Tartufi di Alba

          >White truffle impression pasta wild mushrooms, natural jus

          >Milk fed veal loin, glazed baby carrots, turnips and cippolini, white truffle “Blanquette sauce”

          >White truffle impression pasta wild mushrooms, natural jus

          >Truffled Brie de Meaux, perfectly matured

          >Asia/Bartlett pear, soft almond cake “granité de vin jaune”, ginger foam

          Menu $ 320

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