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Oct 15, 2006 10:16 PM

The Hounds came through-Pismo/SLO area

Just got back from a couple days of eating, hunting and gathering (my favorite sport). Thanks to all the hounds who post on this board, I mined your recs and they proved very helpful.

Started with the Thursday night SLO Market-thought it was diverse with good quality produce but dissappointed to find very little in the orgainc or no spray category. Did score some magnificent plums.

Dinner at the Corner Restaurant in SLO was terrific. Their tomato bisque has the perfect creaminess and tasted like fresh tomatoes. We also had a special which was grilled escolar (fish) with lime cilantro butter that was excellent, and sand dabs prepared with lemon caper butter which totally satisfied. I was surprized at the quality of their side salads which were massive with excellent tomatoes, jicama, carrots, cukes and lettuces. Their meals come with potatoes or rice and sauteed seasonal vegies which on this night were expertly cut and cooked julienned summer squash and bell peppers in garlic olive oil. The meal was accompanied by a tasty Edna Valley Syrah (can't remember the winery).

In See Canyon, we stopped, tasted and shopped at Creekside Farms, Gopher Glen, and See Canyon Fruit Ranch for mid-October offerings of apples and hard squash. We brought home way too many Empires, Red Yorkings, Mohawks, Spitzenbergs and Nittanys. Also the recommendation for La Familia pumpkin farm was much appreciated. We had a great time strolling their aisles and lugging home several carvers and cookers. Their prices are truly amazing and their size and color selection are vast. The resident dog and cat were having a great day with tons of petting going on.

Another dinner at the Cracked Crab in Pismo was also a winner. Mussels were totally fresh and plentiful although the herbs in the broth were unidentifiable and overpowering, clam chowder was a good rendition, and their crab louie was traditional and huge with a good pile of first rate sweet crab.Their beer selection was small but paired well with the seafood.

Lunch found us in Avila Beach at the restaurant at the end of the pier in Port San Luis, Pete's was too crowded and we were on a schedule. It proved to be good with an admirable clam chowder, expertly fried scallops and chip dinner, a lovely innovative warm Greek fish salad (which was really a stew on wilted lettuce) and perfectly flavored with oregano, garlic, and lemon. Again, their salads had lots of fresh seasonal vegies. Their sourdough rolls were the best!

Breakfast was at Brad's in Pismo which was so friendly and good but nothing special. Their omelettes were substantial and country potatoes cooked well and not too greasy. Coffee was bad. Second breakfast at Fat Cats in Avila Beach (PSL) was a real winner. Coffee scored, blueberry pancakes pleased, but the real star was the artichoke omelette which was full of fresh, well prepared artichioke hearts and tender eggs that were not over cooked. Their country potatoes were also well cooked with lots of peppers and onions.

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  1. thanks for the carefully written details of your trip. Glad you had a good time, weather aside.

    Was the Avila restaurant Olde Port Inn at the end of the Harford Pier? Back in the 70's, it was a good place to eat and a night-life hangout for the young crowd. The quality slid to nothing special, and not much is mentioned about it these days, so glad to hear your meal was pleasant. So much depends on who's cooking and who's managing the kitchen. They certainly have access to fish right off the boat, as does Pete's!

    Fat Cat's is a locals favorite; haven't eaten there in years though we were always pleased. The artichoke omelette may be enough to get us back! Well-pepared eggs seem to be harder than ever to find these days. Usually they're either over cooked or swimming in Grid-L-Lube.

    Thanks again for your comments--it's always good to see local places through new eyes and tastebuds.

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      Yes, it was the Old Port inn and I would certainly give it a strong B. On reflection the thing that made that artichoke omelette so fabulous was the carefully grilled quarters of fresh choke AND that the eggs were not over cooked or greasy, so there you have it! It was a special, not cheap at apprx. $11., but totally worth it, so hurry.

      Plus, the weather was perfect, with a terrific thunderstorm light show from our ocean front balcony, while we were sipping wine.