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Oct 15, 2006 09:59 PM

Suggestions for a Hudson Valley birthday linner?

Hi, Hounds.

That's linner as in "twixt lunch and dinner." Multiple schedule challenges dictate that we will eat around 4.

Here are the criteria:

1. We're looking for somewhere in the Hudson Valley, preferably midway between Albany and lower Westchester.

2. Lovely surroundings.

3. New American food, somewhat creative, but not enough to scare away the more conservative members of the group (my dad).

4. Not too pricey, since Dad's treating: maybe around $25-$30 / person without booze.

Can you help?

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  1. maybe something in Cold Spring (Putnam County)---Riverview perhaps? (it even has a river view!). Can remember the address offhand, but it is right off of Main Street.

    1. It's not New American but China Rose in Rhinecliff is sort of an American take on Chinese (i.e., familiar ingredients in preparations that are not too daring or spicy). And it's right on the Hudson so the locale is really lovely. They start serving at 5 which is just one hour after your needed time. They don't take reservations but if you were there just at 5, you'd likely get in even with a big group.

      1. The original comment has been removed