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Oct 15, 2006 09:28 PM

Houston private dining--nice, retro?

Ready for a puzzle?

My in-laws are in their 80's, and we're trying to pick a restaurant for a special birthday dinner We're a party of 12 - 16 adults, most not terribly adventurous eaters, several wine lovers, steak and or seafood, private room to keep the background noise down, approximately $80 pp before drinks, tip and tax. Our last one was at Brennan's, and it was $130 per person, all inclusive.

They're native Houstonians, so we'd like it to be something special, specific to Houston/Gulf Coast. We considered Brenner's (in spite of the Landry's link), but their room minimum is $2800 before tip and tax, not unlike Capital Grille's at $2500. We looked into Rainbow Lodge, but they are moving between now and December, and we're just not sure what to expect at the new location. We are considering Lynn's or Ruth's Chris, but would welcome any other suggestions.

We'll be traveling from Katy, The Woodlands, West U, Alief, Westbury, Sugar Land...and Orlando, so we're pretty flexible about the location.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Before I got to your second paragraph I was thinking "Rainbow Lodge"; I didn't know they were moving. (Do you know where?) Then I was thinking about Mandola's Gulf Coast Kitchen, but I certainly wouldn't put it in the same league as Brennan's.

    It's not so Houston/Gulf Coast specific, but what about Mark's?

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      Rainbow Lodge is moving to the old site of La Tour d'Argent on Ella. On the phone, they mentioned that they've already moved the bar over there. Online, I found mention that they will complete the move as of December 1, with private parties and an opening in November.

      I'll check out Mandola's Gulf Coast Kitchen and Mark's...thanks!

    2. Does Taste of Texas have a private room? My memory is foggy but I believe I remember a friend speaking of it.

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      1. re: onatrip

        We thought of that, too...but I don't think they have a private room. We have had several family parties there, but always in the main dining room. I'll double-check, though.

      2. King Fish Market (on I-10 near Kirkwood) doesn't compare to the quality of Brennan's nor Taste of Texas but I do know that they have a private room. I think your size group would be fine with it. If you do go there, have some crême brulée for me. If there are any with mobility issues, the room is a very short walk from the entrance.

        1. King Fish Market has been closed for about 4 weeks.
          What about Brenner's on I-10? Also the recommendation of Lynn's on Dairy Ashford is a great one (they do have a private room). Bring your wallet for the wine list!

          1. What about The Brownstone, just off Westheimer, west of Kirby? I'd also suggest browsing the site It's a great resource to see what diners are saying about restaurants in the Houston area. The left hand navigation bar features a spot specifically for Thanksgiving.