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Oct 15, 2006 09:18 PM

Brunch in South Beach - Talula

Had a nice little surprise this morning when I was returning my rental car at Avis. I drove down 23rd and Talula was open at noon. We went to investigate and found out that today was the first day of sunday brunch for the season. I was a little shocked at first when they handed me a menu and thought that the ala cart items were $29 each. It turns out the ala carte items (four omelets, a benedict, steak and eggs and a few other egg dishes) were included in addition to the buffet spread that had a salad station, bagels and lox, assorted pastries, prime rib, two types of pancakes, waffles, smashed potatoes w/ chorizo and cheddar, salmon, chinese broccoli, a chicken dish, sausage and thick bacon. They also had about twenty deserts and mimosas, blody marys and screwdrivers were offered for $7. The service was great and the food was fresh (they would remove the items from the chaffing dishes when they were about half full and replace with a full tray of hot item). I thought it was a very nice option for sunday mornings/afternoon and will be back soon.

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  1. The price is shock-inducing but the food is really excellent. The spread of baked goodies set out on the bar is alone probably enough to put you into a pleasant food coma. It's an expensive breakfast but a nice one.

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      Maybe my post was confusing.....I misread the menu and thought that two eggs over easy was going to cost $29. $29 for a brunch of this quality is a great deal.

    2. Compared to Nemo's, how would you rate Talula?

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        I haven't been to Nemo's. My GF and I were supposed to go on Friday night, but changed our minds and went to River Oyster Bar. We tried the sushi place run by the same owner (Shoji?) and I thought it was really bad. I'm guessing that Nemo's is another overpriced South Beach wannabe restaurant. Should I give it a try?

      2. Shoji started going downhill when the chef left for NYC. I went a couple of times afterwards and was really disappointed. It's a shame because it was one of my favorites.

        I've never been to Nemos for dinner, only for brunch. That's what I was hoping to compare Talula's to. The brunch is very good, especially the dessert section. Two cutting stations as well as lots of hot and cold prepared food (duck confit hash browns,lentil cauliflower salad, etc). Unfortunately, the hot items rarely every change while the desserts are constantly in flux. It's definitely worth the $30 tag.

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          I'll have to try it to compare and will post the results. Give me a week or two....I'm still full from Sunday!

        2. The original comment has been removed