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Oct 15, 2006 09:02 PM

simons restaurant

How is this restaurant? What kind of food?

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  1. Plenty of comments in the search function above your posting. Just enter the requisite info and you will have many answers.
    However, here is a link to their website and menu that should help. No personal comments, just info.
    I have not been.

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    1. Are you asking about Simon, the Kerry Simon restaurant at the Sofitel Hotel or, about Simon's Cafe, the mediterranean restaurant on Sepulveda in Sherman Oaks. Both have been discussed in threads on this board.

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      1. re: Jwsel

        simons on sepulveda! is that not good? my sushi chef is the son...........

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          simon the kerry simon restaurant at the sofitel hotel

        2. Save your money! My husband and I went to Simon at the Sofitel Hotel and had the most average food with the worst service I have ever had! From it taking 25 minutes to get our wine - no they didn't forget- they had to "wait for the manager to go downstairs to get your wine and 3 other wines", to the $50 seafood platter not being cold(it probably was held for the wine to arrive) to the overcooked and dry chicken breast and mac and cheese that wasn't any better than Frozen Kraft. The bar does look fun.

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            I went two weeks ago. My wife and I could not of been more unimpressed. The Firecracker Shrimp starter was quite good. The highly recommeded meatloaf sandwich was bland and my wifes pizza was average at best.

            When you pay $18 for a meatloaf sandwich you would expect something that tast better the a Ciabatta sandwich at Jack-in-the-Box.

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              We couldn't agree more. The food was simply awful. We, too, had the mac and cheese; it was maybe the worst I'd ever had; I, too, would choose packaged mac and cheese over the Simon version.

              I ordered the meatloaf, which they call: The "meatloaf." I asked the waitress about it and it was hawked as one of Simon's specialties. It was inedible. Absolutely awful.

              As I said in another post, six of us had dinner there and not one of us would return. The food ranged from average to awful; the service was mediocre.

              The place is pretentious, with a big, noisy bar crowd.

              You'd do much better at Pink's, which is about a mile or two away.

            2. I agree with the less than stellar reviews. I was there last week and was not terribly impressed. It's a lovely space, and had a good sized crowd (the review in the Times had come out that day). While I was standing at the hostess station, a woman asked to be given a "tour" of the patio. Without a nod to me or acknowledgement that I was there, she took off and was gone for a few minutes. (I could see them chatting) By the time she came back, several people were waiting. She seemed oblivious. Once seated, the service was fine. I started with the endive, watercress salad. It was the best thing of the evening. My friend had the crab, lobster appetizer. It was fresh tasting, but a bit odd. Part of it was hot; the other part cold. We couldn't decide if that was intentional.
              When I ordered the salmon, the waiter made a big point of letting me know that it would be medium rare. Which was fine with me. (But when it came, it was overcooked) My friend ordered the meatloaf, and found it somewhat dull. We did have the "junk food" sampler for dessert--just because it sounded interesting. I'm not a dessert person, so I can't say much about it. But it's a clever idea--nicely presented.
              I thought the wine list, while relatively small, was interesting and well priced. We started with a Bellini, and then had a Stolpman Syrah from the Central Coast.
              I'm not sure I'd go back, but might try lunch one day in the future. The bar looked interesting--though a little too much of a "scene" for me.

              1. how was the junk food sampler???