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Oct 15, 2006 08:31 PM

Rikki Rikki

Has anyone been to this sushi place in Kirkland, WA? I bought some of their Miso Sesame Dressing today at the store and was wondering how the restaurant is. Thanks!

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  1. The restaurant is pretty good although something always keeps me from labeling it as a great dining experience.

    It's located in the Kirkland Parkplace Shopping/Cinema center. Fairly casual, trying to be a high-energy hip. Pricing is about what you'd expect ($20 sushi combos etc.). What always makes me laugh is that they put signs up all over the place letting you, the customer, know that they use a "higher than average fish to rice ratio".

    We've been there a number of times but never leave excited to come back again soon.

    However, their Miso dressing is terrific--you can buy it at Costco in a large size.

    Oh, and if you have the passport/Prime card, they participate.

    1. I have eaten at Rikki Rikki a few times and I've enjoyed it. I don't have any complaints. They do have a nice sake'tini...