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Oct 15, 2006 08:04 PM

Other Sushi places in Brooklyn besides Geido

We are looking for a new place to enjoy Sushi (had a very dissappointing experience at Geido last night which didn't have anything to do with the food) so we are in search of a new place that compares in price and quality but without attitude. Thanks a bunch in advance.

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  1. I highly recommend Gen at 659 Washington Avenue and St. Marks in Prospect Heights. Excellent sushi and sashimi and great cooked dishes as well. The owners are Japanese rastafarians. Very sweet and attentive service also.

    1. Cube 63, on Court Street in Cobble Hill, is excellent. A branch of a Manhattan restaurant, we've found it to be the best traditional sushi (no really big pieces!)in the Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens neighborhood. Cooked items are well-prepared, as well, but this is a sushi destination. Really worth trying.

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        I second Cube 63. They have really fresh tasty stuff and the restaurant is well designed and pleasant. Osaka is ok, but has gone downhill over the last few years. Also, their delivery is sloooooow. I'm not crazy about Ki on Smith (their fish seems substandard), but I only went there once, right after it opened, so possibly it's improved.

      2. Osaka, also on Court St., is very good and is highly rated in Zagat. (I can't compare it to Cube 63 as I've not tried that one yet.)

        1. Taro Sushi, on Dean Street, is - IMHO - the best sushi in Brooklyn. (I haven't had Gen, though, but I find it far superior to Geido.) Don't go here for cooked food, it's definitely not the focus. (That said, cooked and grilled sushi bar items are generally fantastic.) Go on Friday/Saturday night for the greatest variety, but be prepared to wait. Lots of fish flown in from Tsukiji. Also a very tasty ankimo appetizer.

          1. I second Taro. I had a specially ordered lobster sashimi and whole fried clams which were out of this world. I also concur on going on Fridays and Saturdays, you should make reservations. Gen, Osaka, Geido and the like....dumps.