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Oct 15, 2006 07:31 PM

India Palace Nashua NH--excellent food

A plug for our local Indian restaurant--in an unassuming strip mall on Amherst St: We had a great chicken tikka masala and lamb shahi korma Friday night--the sauces were rich and complex. The room is a cut above the usual cheesy Indian restaurant decor and the service is good.

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    1. The name is India Palace. I've eaten there several times and agree with 'whs' assessment.

      1. There's another place in Nashua, I think it's called "Meeman."

        It has a terrific lunch buffet.

        This place is attached to an Indo-Pak grocery store called "Dar Groceries".

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          Yes, it's down near the Mass border across from the Pheasant Lane Mall. The next time I go to Trader Joe's in Tyngsboro I'll have to try it.

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            Mehmaan does have a great lunch buffet. India Palace does too. Both are under $10.

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              I know Trader Joe's is near Mehmaan but if I were you, I would take the extra 15 minutes and go over to India Palace on Amherst Street - it's the far better choice - you absolutely will not be disappointed, whereas you might be at Mehmaan. I can't believe my good fortune at living only 10 or 15 minutes from India Palace!

          2. Well, we went back to Mehmaan yesterday for the lunch buffet and I must admit, it wasn't as good as the first time (last Spring). They had run out of a few items and were slow to replace them (12:45 PM). The tandori chicken, although tasty, tasted like it was leftover and a bit on the dry side. The place just didn't have the wow appeal over us as it had on out last visit. We may have hit it on a bad day.

            We will definitely try India Palace on our next visit.

            On a plus note: there is a pretty good Indian market next door to Mehmaan that sells spices, tea and whatnot.

            1. Don't even bother with Mehmann or whatever it's called - it's nowhere near as good as India Palace. I go to the one in Nashua on Amherst Street as often as I can - it's absolutely awesome - bengain bartha is the best I've ever had - just wonderful. I've eaten there several times with friends and tasted many different dishes and they are all good. They use the finest white meat chicken I have encountered in an Indian restaurant. Go see for yourself!