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India Palace Nashua NH--excellent food

A plug for our local Indian restaurant--in an unassuming strip mall on Amherst St: We had a great chicken tikka masala and lamb shahi korma Friday night--the sauces were rich and complex. The room is a cut above the usual cheesy Indian restaurant decor and the service is good.

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    1. The name is India Palace. I've eaten there several times and agree with 'whs' assessment.

      1. There's another place in Nashua, I think it's called "Meeman."

        It has a terrific lunch buffet.

        This place is attached to an Indo-Pak grocery store called "Dar Groceries".

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          Yes, it's down near the Mass border across from the Pheasant Lane Mall. The next time I go to Trader Joe's in Tyngsboro I'll have to try it.

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            Mehmaan does have a great lunch buffet. India Palace does too. Both are under $10.

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              I know Trader Joe's is near Mehmaan but if I were you, I would take the extra 15 minutes and go over to India Palace on Amherst Street - it's the far better choice - you absolutely will not be disappointed, whereas you might be at Mehmaan. I can't believe my good fortune at living only 10 or 15 minutes from India Palace!

          2. Well, we went back to Mehmaan yesterday for the lunch buffet and I must admit, it wasn't as good as the first time (last Spring). They had run out of a few items and were slow to replace them (12:45 PM). The tandori chicken, although tasty, tasted like it was leftover and a bit on the dry side. The place just didn't have the wow appeal over us as it had on out last visit. We may have hit it on a bad day.

            We will definitely try India Palace on our next visit.

            On a plus note: there is a pretty good Indian market next door to Mehmaan that sells spices, tea and whatnot.

            1. Don't even bother with Mehmann or whatever it's called - it's nowhere near as good as India Palace. I go to the one in Nashua on Amherst Street as often as I can - it's absolutely awesome - bengain bartha is the best I've ever had - just wonderful. I've eaten there several times with friends and tasted many different dishes and they are all good. They use the finest white meat chicken I have encountered in an Indian restaurant. Go see for yourself!


              1. Thank you . . . yes--we will go soon . . .and report back!

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                  I thought I had reported back as we went here (India Palace) about a month ago. We went at the tail end of a Sunday brunch. Both the service and food were excellent. Mango pudding . . . mmmmmm, and the lamb vindaloo was great (not heavy on the tomato), chicken tandori was flavorful and the dal was excellent, garlic nan, we really couldn't ask for more. There were about 4 or five waiters who were all attentive.

                  Nice place!

                2. I just happened to come across this web site and after reading the possitive comments about India Palace my day was totally made. I'm the chef at India Palace and I sincerely want to thank all of you for your generous comments. Cooking each order from scratch is tough and I know for a fact that we cannot be getting all the orders 100% right 100% of the time. So PLEASE e mail me at Lab7015@aol.com (REF India Palace) if you weren't satisfied with your experience for any reason. If you are trying to cook at home and have a question or need help with a recipe feel free to e mail me. - Sincerely, Baba.

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                    I'll be calling for takeout tonight!

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                      You're doing great - keep up the good work! Your customers are loving it.

                    2. Isn't it awesome!? I absolutely love it - I eat there as often as I can. If you like eggplant, try the baingan bharta, it's incredible - better there than any place else I have ever been. The chicken saag is to die for but I've tasted many things there and they are ALL good. Please continue to support this fine place so that they don't ever move!

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                        Took home the baingan bharta and boti kabab masala last night and both were excellent. FYI--takeout is a little tricky--they don't take orders until 5pm, so if you're in a rush to get out of the office and beat the traffic on Amherst St, you're out of luck.