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Oct 15, 2006 07:11 PM

Niagara and Niagara OTL Reccomendations

Fellow Hounds,

I am traveling to Niagara this coming weekend, and would like to know where to get good food. I have one night in Niagara, and one night in Niagara OTL. What would you recommend?


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  1. Search this board; lots of recent reccomendations. Can't tell from your post what you are looking for in terms of price or type of food.

    That said, call now and reserve at Stone Road Grille in NOTL. If they're full try the Epicurean.

    I assume you mean "Niagara Falls" when you say "Niagara". Don't eat there. Any price, any food. Drive 15 minutes west out Lundy's Lane (Regional Road 20) to Fonthill, and go to Zest. Had my birthday dinner there last night:

    -Amuse - Warm salmon crusted in black and white sesame seeds served over kimchi. I could've had 2 (oh, wait, my wife doesn't eat fish: Score!)

    -App - Seared foie gras with icewine apple compote and matchstick sweet potato chips. I could've had 6: Didn't.

    -Main - Pan fried sea scallops, barely warm in the centre, with a smoked tomato reduction and cauliflower fritters.

    -Dessert - I eat there regularly, so I got a treat: A platter with apple bread pudding topped with apple crisp ice cream, and a caramelized apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream. The only thing missing was more foie gras.

    Dinner for 2, with 2 glasses of white, a bottle of 2003 Gigondas, and capuccino, was $245 all in. Worth every damned cent.

    1. When in NOTL, go to the Olde Angel Inn.

      My wife and I go there just about every trip to the area.


      1. just came from NOTL today and had lunch at the epicurean. great food! quick service! very reasonable!

        i had the seafood avocado sandwich and mushroom and roasted red pepper soup (yum!)...

        1. I'm going to try Treadwell in St. Catharines (Port Dalhousie) this coming Saturday with my Mom! She went to a tasting a long time ago at Queen's Landing where Chef Treadwell used to work and loved it! She's turning into quite the 'hound! Anyway, I will post more after the weekend.

          1. Stone Road Grill- if that is the one I"m thinking of (big sign that says Rest in the window?)- i almost made it there a couple of weeks ago. THe roommate of the head chef works at Stratus and she recommended it to us- sadly we did not have a rezzie and could not get in. I wanted to stay though, just from the look of the place. We went to hell instead, I believe it was called Zee's.

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              Yes, Stone Road Grille is the one that has the "Rest" sign above it. Great little place. I snuck away from a week long conference at Pillar & the Post to dine out with a friend and we had a fabulous dinner there. We went during the week (it was a Tuesday) in March and just walked in. We didn't have reservations but since we arrived early (around 5:30) we didn't have any problems getting a table. It was completely packed by 7pm. I had the specials that night and they were great. I can't remember exactly what we had, a luxurious squash soup and a seafood entree I think. But I do remember what I had for dessert, they offered me a chocolate tasting menu. 8 different Michel Cluizel Chocolate samples. It was fantastic. Here's their website:

              My second choice in NOTL if I couldn't get in there would be Pellar Estates.

              1. re: nummanumma

                More about your experience at Zees??

                We went there during the summer at the suggestion of Stone Road (which was fully booked when we called three weeks in advance). Our meal at Zees, while not perfect, was extremely enjoyable and we planned to go back. Several others that we sent also enjoyed it, but I'm now hearing a lot of negative. What happened?

                1. re: embee

                  ok ok. I have to start by saying I may have been a liiiiiitle crabby (quite disappointed about Stone Road). Here are my comments FWIW, I know I sound like a total snot, I always do when I'm dissatisfied:
                  the potato/cheddar soup was totally totally bland. C'mon- with this much fat it should be good, but it tasted of neither potato nor cheddar. my goat cheese/mushroom terrine was cold- nothing but goat cheese and layered mushroom- really lacking, with what appeared to be a raspberry coulis on the side. The ceasar was served in a RIDICULOUS disconstructed (soooooooo three years ago ...grade-seven girl in me coming out) manner- the duck confit was flaccid (heh heh, the steak was served with the jus in a big crockery cow that poured out of its mouth (i swear to you- I SWEAR IT) and, are you ready for this? MY SHRIMP WAS RAW, as in grey. The server attempted to tell me it was ok- my husband (chef in training) confirmed that the SHRIMP WAS RAW> I cannot convey to you my disgust. Especially that the server then tried to argue with me. the manager came and apolgoized etc... but it is pretty hard to carry on when you've had raw shrimp in your mouth. eew. I just found it dated and boring. We got back in T.O. and ordered pizza.
                  The pizza was good.

                  1. re: nummanumma

                    Well, crabby you may be, but you make some good points. When we were there, they were, indeed, serving various playful and/or deconstructed items, but what they served us tasted anywhere from pretty good to outstanding.

                    It seems that they have increased the level of gimmickry while paying less attention to the taste. The jus served with a steak that we had was lovely, and didn't come from a cow's mouth but, yes, I do believe you. I wonder whether there has been a change of chef.