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Oct 15, 2006 06:33 PM

Blog for NY Outer Boroughs

I really enjoy the blog, NYCnosh.com. The writer and his friend visit various restaurants and review them on the blog. The best part is he/she includes photos of all the dishes. The blog seems to be updated at least weekly.

I would love to find a similar blog which would focus on the Outer Boroughs. Ideally, the blog would have lots of photos.


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  1. I am obsessed with The Amature Gourmet! www.amateurgourmet.com. He recently moved to Brooklyn so I'm sure he'll do a lot of reviews over there, and he covers a lot of NY ground. He always had pictures, and usually has some great recipes too!

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    1. re: tomatosoup

      I'm sorry, but I don't think AG is worth the time it takes to load his page.

      I really find him grating and smug. Plus his photos are blurry and jaggedy and NONE of those recipes he posts is his own. He's also not a good writer. Kind of defeats the whole point of running a blog doesn't it?


      1. re: gjetost

        sorry you feel so hostile towards the AG. but instead of commenting harshly on his blog, why didn't you suggest something better so bearzie can enjoy his outer boroughs food hunt? that might have been a good idea.

    2. Thanks Bearzie. We do cover the outer boroughs, but admittedly to a lesser extent than we do Manhattan. And we try to update at least three times a week or more.

      As for blogs that talk more about non-Manhattan restaurants, we like Salli Vates's site: http://salli_vates.blogspot.com . She lives in Queens and regularly eats there, in Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

      There's also The Porkchop Express: http://porkchop-express.blogspot.com , which does a ton of Brooklyn coverage.

      Hope this helps,


      NYCnosh* http://nycnosh.com

      1. I love the porkchop express!
        Definitely worth a read.


        is a good blog that eats a lot in the outer boroughs and focuses on cheap eats.

        1. god, I yearn for a Brooklyn only blogger that really knows what he or she is blogging about. The AG is amusing, and he does now live in Park Slope, but dinner out w/Mum and Dad does get a bit tiresome. Ed Levine covers spots in Brooklyn and Queens sometimes like his recent top meatball heros piece, and when he says go, I follow. I love J. Slab - his tribute to the Red Hook Ballfields might be the singular best piece of food coverage ever - but his search for the perfect Banh Mi sandwich is a bit limited and not Brooklyn focused at all. And Salli Vates is very good but covers the same reaturants as everyone else blogging - Convivium - Farm on Adderly. etc.

          Maybe I'll start doing Brooklyn only ;-)