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Oct 15, 2006 06:32 PM

In search of great ricotta

I have a confession - I love great ricotta. I know that's a good thing... the bad thing is that since moving to Boston a year ago, I've usually just bought the industrial ricotta at places like TJ's and Costco. Wait, hear me out! I'm not a bad person!

Now I want to go back to a similar experience like I had in Sicily, where some of my best al fresca meals were with fresh ricotta from the market, tomatoes, good bread and olives... and perhaps a few other tasty bites.

Where in Boston can I find really good ricotta, but without dropping an arm and a leg to buy it (I'd guess that Formaggio might fit into the would be nice but not sure if I can really afford it category)?

Soon, I want to try making my own... but for now, how about it, hounds?

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  1. The Wellesley Cheese Shop has "hand dipped" ricotta. Not sure of the price but you can call them. They are also listed under Wasik's Cheese Shop.(in Wellesley ).

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      1. I think Purity Cheese on Endicott in the North End carries it.

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            1. re: kate used to be 50

              Agreed- I made a baked ziti a few weeks ago with Pace's Ricotta and Mozzerella and was told it's the best I've ever made. I think the brand is Supreme? Not sure though.

              This was the stuff off the shelf. They do also have REALLY great mozzerella behind the cheese counter - not sure about ricotta.

              1. re: Chris VR

                JJ Pace makes its own Ricotta, but it is the stuff behind the cheese counter.

                Made a lasagne with the Ricotta and it was excellent!