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Oct 15, 2006 06:12 PM

Fauchon Tea


Does anyone know where I can buy Fauchon tea in the Los Angeles area? TIA

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    1. You can buy it at if you can wait for the delivery.

      1. Please do share: what is special about this tea? What makes it distinct? Thanks!

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          their description is also vague 'yunnan and a darjeeling'
          well, that pretty much means china and india
          its probably more of a brand marketing than actual quality marketing.

          1. re: liu

            Fauchon does general gourmet goods-- it's all nice(ly packaged and branded) stuff, mind you, but not necessarily up to par for EVERYTHING. If you want teas from French brands, you'd be better off with Mariage Frere or Palais des Thes. Mariage Frere is harder to come by, but Palais des Thes is carried by Boule, Jin, and a couple of other places in addition to its West Coast flagship in Beverly Hills...

            The Art of Tea is also good, and I believe the distribution is local.

            1. re: PseudoNerd

              I love Palais des Thes. It was one hot, hot, hot day this summer and we stopped by. We were expecting to buy some loose leaf teas, but we ended up doing that AND sitting at their tea bar sipping a COLD berry tea that they had just freshly brewed! What a pleasant refreshment, and they made us feel very comfortable.

              Some of their teas are quite $$$, but there are other really good teas that I think are rather reasonable, and it is a fun store to shop!

              Has anyone been successful in locating Mariage Frere tea in the LA area? If so, please do post.

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