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Oct 15, 2006 05:36 PM

Tin's Tea House Lounge for Dim Sum, Walnut Creek.

I've never been before and some chinese friends who live in Orinda are taking me because they haven't been either. Is the Dim Sum the cart way, or do you order it off a menu? And what's good there? Thanks.

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  1. It's pretty good for dim sum -- not a very large selection, but the steamed dumplings are generally fresh and tasty. I like the scallop dumpling best. They have some carts, and also carry around trays. I used to go there regularly, but I'm taking a break because I grew tired of tasting the same few selections every visit.

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      So it's not special order, but just pick what you like off the carts. Right?

    2. You can special order items if you don't want to wait for the carts to come around. The food is good for Walnut Creek area, as they're probably the only place that serves dim sum. Compare to Oakland or other places it's considered so-so.

      1. We think Tin's is better than any place in Oakland for Dim Sum. There are some better places in SF and on the Peninsula. But Tin's is solid, fresh and reasonably priced. The standard dumplings are good, as are most of the fried items. We find they're less greasy than at other places. The service is usually very friendly, unlike a lot of dim sum places.

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          The Tin's in Oakland is now something else (Joyful Seafood?). They basically moved to Walnut Creek and the old location, although still serving dim sum, is not nearly as good.

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            i think Gourmet Delight is in the former Tin's Oakland Chinatown location

        2. In addition to good dim sum, I had an excellent oyster dish with the largest oysters I have ever encountered.