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Oct 15, 2006 05:13 PM


Last evening we dined at the Waterworks restaurant. In short it was terrific from beginning to end. The restaurant is lovely. They have some tables in a glass enclosed room facing the river with a view of the boathouses. Others were in a main dining room that had a beautiful fountain/waterfall in the middle.

When we arrived we were told that our table would be ready in a few and we went to the bar. The bar is small but didn't feel cramped. People were eating at the bar and the food looked great.

For apps we ordered the grilled haloumi cheese which was terrific. The lollipop lambchops which were marinated and perfectly grilled. The crab cake app was very small but good. Another had the onion soup which was served with bread "log" stuffed with grilled cheese.

For an entree I had the sirloin with sauteed onions and exotic mushrooms, fabulous. Others had the salmon, the filet and the butter poached lobster over truffle mashed.

Desserts were all wonderful.

Service was excellent.

It was expensive. Apps in the $8 - $18 range with entrees $20 - $32. Wine by the glass was approx $12.

Considering the quality and ambience it was well worth it. This has been added to our list as a top of the line fine dining destination perfect for special occasions.

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  1. Glad to hear such a good recommendation from someone we trust.

    How was the noise level?

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    1. re: sylviag

      Not bad. We were in the enclosed "porch" area and it was fine although a bit chilly. The main dining area did not seem too noisy.

    2. Ate there last week. Table wasn't ready until a half-hour after our reservation time. Food was never better than decent -- the osso bucco special was really chewy, and there was a really "meh" duck.

      That space deserves a better restaurant. Sorry.

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      1. re: Hardart

        Wow it almost sounds like two different restaurants. We could not have been happier. I csn understand the table problem. Once you sit down you don't want to leave. Our only complaint is that we were in and out in less than two hours with thee courses. Next time we will request more leisurely service.

      2. Also ate there last Saturday could not have been a better evening. We sat in the main dining room. Everyone enjoyed their meal and the service was very professonal but social. Have not had a dinner of that caliber for a long time. Will go bach to try the Brunch. The decor was beautiful and what can you say about the view one of the best in the city.

        1. The best thing about the Waterworks is the view outside the river on a good day.
          The food is a conceptually boring mish - mash of the same cliche' items you see all over the place, the execution isnt exciting and the focus on having over 20 types of bottled water is just annoying. Great for a romantic dinner if food isnt the point, the room is cavernous and has no soul.

          1. I thought I'd read that there is no view from the main dining room. Is that true?