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Racine WI- It's all about the Kringle's

Alright, time for a thread on a Wisconsin unique & speciality danish, who really makes the best one? Here are three I've tried and liked:

- Larson: http://www.larsenbakery.com/
- O&H: http://www.ohdanishbakery.com/kringle...
- Racine Danish Kringles: http://www.kringle.com/index.lasso

If you don't know what a Kringle is here is good like with some history: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Bread/...

If sadly you have never experienced this bakers delight, then I would recommend you do, or go to Racine and give it a try at one of the several danish bakery & coffee shops they have.

I recently saw a Road Tasted show where the Dean brothers went to Milwaukee for Kringle, wrong- duh! And then misinformed the world that the Kringle was only available from this one Milwaukee bakery, so they were completely oblivious to the fact that the Kringle is really a Racine speciality with many local bakers who produce this wonderful delight.

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  1. This topic comes up every so often. Each person has their favorite. Mine is Bendsted's Bakery. The pecan is outstanding.


    1. I spend several weekends a year visiting my children in Kenosha. Do you have any recs just south of Racine although if not I will make that long juorney north?

      1. Another Kringle fan here. Even if I wasn't Danish, these treats would be addictive!

        When in Racine, I'm fond of Larsen's, O&H and Bendsted's. But since I'm not there very often anymore, I order kringle a few times a year from Larsen's. They seem to have the best price and I swear, those kringles arrive nearly still warm! And very tasty!

        They make great gifts, too.

        My fav flavor by far is pecan followed by almond, cherry, cheese, and turtle.

        1. Sam's club in Gurnee by me has Larsen's, which I really enjoy on occasion, only drawback is they only have four flavors.

          1. DrWine: If you speaking of close to K-Town for Kringles & coffee I would suggest the O&H on Durand which is in Mt. Pleasant, here is a map: http://www.ohdanishbakery.com/au_loca...

            For food, well thats another topic! Kenosha has much better food options than Racine, other than Wells Bros and Angelos' Pizza's and the historic Kewpee's for burgers ( http://www.kewpee.com ) I cant think of too much worth raving about in Racine as most of the other places are unmemorable chains.

            By contrast, in Kenosha, Franks dinner is one of the best diners in the country, Chops on the Lake & Stonewall Grill have good fare, Tenuta's (for great Pannni's), are just the tip of the iceberg.

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              I agee on other food options. We have enjoyed Mangia's, Wine Knot, brats at Tenuta's Deli, La Hacienda, GT's (italian beef sand) and Derangos, to name just a few. Must also include the Marina for 3-4 am breakfast. Only a college kid or their stupid parent would be out at that hour. Have not yet been to Chops and Stonewall Grill but will try on our next visit. Thanks for the help and I will report on the visit to O&H.

            2. O&H in my opinion is the best. They ship anywhere via fed-ex.

              1. I lived in Racine back in the 80's and I so miss Kringle. I now live in Las Vegas and a friend of a friend is from Wisconsin. She is making a trip home in a few weeks and I've requested she bring back some Kringle.
                The friend has never heard of it (being from Boston) and I don't think I do it justice by trying to explain how it's made or how great the taste is. I just say, 'You have to try it.'

                1. Best place is in Racine. It is called Racine Danish Kringle. It is located at 2529 Golf Ave. Racine, WI 53404. They have mail order and numerous flavors. I recommend this place for the best kringle.
                  Racine is known for two things (that I know of): Kringle and Carmex

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                    Carmex isn't from Racine.Started in Wauwatosa and now has its facility in Franklin.
                    SC Johnson Company is HQ in Racine.

                    I believe Kringles are to Racine as King Cakes are to New Orleans.

                  2. DO NOT under any circumstances, accept the brand that goes by Racine Danish Kringle as the real thing. It is awful. Can't go wrong w/ O&H. This from a Racine born 66 yr old who still visits at least twice a year.