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Oct 15, 2006 03:21 PM

Houston: Xiao Long Bao or Shanghai Dumplings

Does anybody know of a place in Houston that sells these soup-filled dumplings? I had them at Joe's Shanghai in New York and really crave them. It seems that very few people know what I'm talking about when I mention them. It's surprising since we have a good size chinatown here in Houston. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I believe the consensus from previous posts is that decent ones cannot be found in Houston. A shame. There are also none in Austin. Dallas has some pretty good ones though -- strange that it is the only place in Texas that does.

    1. No raves here, but this thread gives a few places in Houston to try out....

      1. i imagine the ones in houston, if you can find them, are similar to the ones found in nyc and should be good enough for a fix. there was a post recently about xlb in houston with some suggestions i'd never heard of but i can't find it now.

        joe's shanghai xiao long bao are actually kind of bad, in my opinion. but i suppose if that is all we can get here in the states, i shouldn't complain.

        next time you are in nyc try Grand Sichuan on st. mark's which is a bit better, but not by much. at least they are the right size and the skin a bit thinner. the other popular place in nyc is new green bo. don't go there. they have some of the worst xlb i've ever had. i've not been but i've heard the Din Tai Fung branch in Arcadia, CA is not up to par with other DTF restaurants, but still one of the best you can find in the country, and definitely better than Joe's.

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          I haven't been to Shanghai, but I concur that DTF is definitely better than any of the places I've seen in NYC. They're probably the best I've had.

        2. Check this thread from a few weeks ago. BTW many people believe there are one or two places in L.A. better than Din Tai Fung for Xiao Long Bao, and many places better than Joe's Shanghai. A search on the LA board for "Mei Long Village" should pull these up.

          (Edit: Sorry didn't see link above.)

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            please tell us the name of the places for good xlb in LA! i'm always on the lookout, anywhere in the states!

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              For starters, there are three places side by side in the same shopping mall at 301 W. Valley Bl., San Gabriel. They are Jin Jiang (or J&J),Dragon Mark and Mei Long Village, the latter being probably the best. (There are others in the LA area and many more in the SF Bay area.) To keep the discussion relevant to Houston, I'm a little surprised that there aren't more XLB options in Houston since the existence of Shanghai style restaurants seems to follow the existence of a local Taiwanese community (at least in other cities), and I thought Houston had a fairly sizable Taiwanese population. Perhaps the initial historic Toisanese/Cantonese populace in Houston followed by the Vietnamese influx has limited the spread other regional Chinese food.

          2. I am in Dallas and have not found any good places for these steamed!!

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              I know of two places that serve them, Shanghai Restaurant on Preston (right south of LBJ) and Jeng Chi off of Greenville in Richardson. I like the ones at Shanghai a little better.