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Oct 15, 2006 03:11 PM

Philadelphia Restaurant for a 62nd wedding anniversary dinner

Hello Philly phoodies--
My sister and I are coming to Philly via train from NYC and our guests (aunt and uncle, 62 years wed!, with daughter) are coming from Baltimore via car. We would like to find a nice quiet elderly friendly restaurant for an early (say 5:30/6pm) dinner for 5 next Saturday, October 21st. It would be great if it had some decent parking for them but we could reach it by taxi from the main train station. They are not adventurous eaters, so a solid classic (meat, seafood, fish) and/or a leaning toward Italian would be great.

Thanks for your help!

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    1. re: Main Line Tracey

      Price can be as high as $75 per person plus tip and tax. Noone is a big drinker, so this is mainly food cost

      1. re: nycroma

        Try Waterworks. See my review below. It is lovely and close to the train station. They have valet parking.

    2. Stay classy, and go with something old school like The Prime Rib, which they'll appreciate.

      1. What if we switched to a lunch plan? It is easier for them to drive if not dark...

        1. Unfortunately, Prime Rib is not open for lunch. However, Barclay Prime is.