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Oct 15, 2006 02:51 PM

New Vietnamese restaurant?

Heard there was a Vietnamese restaurant in Hamden, opened by the guy who runs the cart at the Yale Medical School. Can anyone supply an address? Thanks!

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  1. It just opened on January 28th, 2007. Their address is: 1505 Dixwell Ave. Phone#(203)-288-9888.

    1. The new restaurant in Hamden, Pho Hy Cali, has a website, with menu and directions:

      1. Stopped in there on the way to Valentino (had to get a plug in for our favorite tailor in Hamden), just to grab a couple rolls as a snack. The SO had the Gõi Cuốn, I had the Bì Cuốn. We'll be getting dinner from there for the SO's upcoming birthday (we like to celebrate chowhoundishly), and I'll try to remember to post back.

        Oh, the rolls were very good. Even one of mine that I accidentally let dry out and sit in the fridge overnight was palatable (if tough) the next day.

        1. Stop the presses. This place is heads above other Vietnamese places I've tried in the area. Hard to know where to begin. The rice paper rolls with a bit of crunch were awesome. I had a clam and black bean dish. There were about 20 huge, fresh clams in a perfect sauce. If you like funky body parts, they have pho with tripe, etc. The broth was rich. The owners are very, very nice. We got her to pull out the durian - a hard to find fruit that stinks to high heaven. I didn't pretend to like it. Open 7 days, 10-9. Report back.