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Oct 15, 2006 02:42 PM

roast pig?

Anywhere in the city where I can get whole roast pig other than chinatown?

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  1. Lots of selection in the east end in Scarborough. My favourite is at the Alton Towers mall in the corner between the Pizza Nova and the bookstore.. I forget their name, but they're reasonably priced and very yummy.

    1. There is a BB-Q place at Brimly and Sheppard north west corner. When you say besides chinatown are you refering to the spadina dundas area or do you mean not chinese style?

      1. Not sure what sort of seasoning appeals to you but many of the larger mid-town Portuguese BBQ joints could oblige.

        1. There is a plaza at the SE corner of Midland & McNicoll, where
          there are 3 Chinese BBQ joints, and they advertised on their
          windows that they roast whole pig.. I think a baby pig is
          about $90 or 125?

          1. If you're looking in west Toronto, I know that there is at least one place near Dupont & Symington that has lineups running out the door when they're pigs are ready (about once a week).

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              O Bairradino, at Lansdowne and Wallace (between Bloor and Dupont), is another Portuguese churrascaria that does roast suckling pig. Very tasty, as I recall.