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Oct 15, 2006 01:29 PM

Great Eats in Southern VT?

We will be in Manchester Center, VT this coming weekend, and we are looking for the best food in the area. I hear Zoey's has great sandwiches, and Inn at WestView Farm is also good for dinner. Any other "must stops"? We are willing to travel a bit if the food warrants such a trip! Thanks!

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  1. Zoey's is great for lunch. If you like Barbecued Ribs try Laney's, also on Depot St. They make and sell their own sauce.
    They have a website: and are only open in the evening.

    1. The Dorset Inn, in Dorset ( is a favorite and only a few miles outside of Manchester. I've eaten at Laney's and, other than the fried cornbread appetizer, I wasn't all that impressed. For breakfast, there is Up for Breakfast in Manchester which has great food, but is pricey. The Perfect Wife in Manchester, just up the road from Laney's, is great. I also agree w/Zoey's for good sandwiches. I've never eaten at West View Farm, but have met the owner/chef and have heard good things.

      You should also visit the Dorset Farmers Market, which is now indoors at JK Adams Kitchen Store on Route 30, just a few miles from Manchester.

      If I think of anything else, I'll add to this.

      1. Bisto Henry has great food and a contemporary menu...the specials have been standouts. Henry's wife Dina does the baking and is known for her hot fudge sauce served over profiteroles. Up for Breakfast is a must. For lunch, go to Zooey's other location Zooey's Double Hex...wonderful burgers(veggie burgers, too) and sandwiches served with homemade potato chips (make sure they are warm) where you can sit comfortably and enjoy a milkshake etc. If you need to check your e-mail, the cafe at Northshire Bookstore (voted best independent bookstore in the country) is run by the Perfect Wife and has very good sandwiches, coffees etc

        1. If you want some of the best food around the area and don't mind the drive I'd go with Gatewood's in Danby. Jon, the chef, cooks everything from bread to dessert from scratch and it is only 15 minutes from Manchester. He purchases as much of his produce and meats locally as possible and the freshness is beyond compare. A real treat for the senses.

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