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Oct 15, 2006 01:00 PM


So this is the first cooking show that my husband and I have ever enjoyed together. He can make it through about half of AB, but since hubby has no interest in cooking even Good Eats is more cooking than he really wants to watch!

Then along comes a vodcast that he actually records and insists that I watch with him. The show is Ctrl-Alt-Chicken and essentially it's two techies who don't know how to cook doing a cooking show. They make that "How To Boil Water" guy look like Julia Child!

My husband loves watching me shout at the screen "No! That pan is WAY too hot!" because they muddle their way through a collection of recipes that seems to have come from 1968 and they show all their mistakes and inedible results.

We giddily shared their joy and astonishment when they produced an edible Monte Cristo and were in utter hysterics when they mangled Beef Wellington.

Does anyone else watch?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Yes, Revision 3 is essentially, a web-based TV network. Ctrl-Alt-Chicken is a video podcast or web-tv show. Alex and Heather, the two "techies" are the hosts and they are hysterical. You probably won't learn much about cooking or see new recipes, but it is entertaining for sure.

      1. re: heathermb

        Last night we watched the beef stew and bananas foster episodes. My husband and my five year old and I were in hysterics. Though I realized that they use some expressions that go over the head of a five year old that you might not want and 8 or 9 year old to hear!

        Often my husband will watch them on the plane before we watch them together and it totally cracks me up. He'll say "OK you HAVE to see what they do to these crabcakes!" "Wait, wait, shhhhhhh... now they're going to put in ketchup!"

        I can't really think of anyone who might learn from them because ctrl-alt-chicken is more of a cautionary tale. Now I do think that a complete novice might be inspired by their intrepid approach to cooking, and it could get non cooks into the kitchen. But what they do there will probably be disastrous...