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Oct 15, 2006 12:16 PM

Julie & Julia

I just started reading Julie & Julia. It is a good book and I'm enjoying it but I have one critique. I thought the book would focus on her "culinary adventures" and spend a bit more time describing the recipes and her messes and successes. That is how it has been written up. What the book instead seems to focus on is her blog. I really don't care to read about the adventures of a blog writer... I want to read about the food!

I'm probably old fashioned but I realy do avoid blogs. Do I need to read her blog to get the full (and better) story here?

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  1. I thought the blog was better than the book - the book was a quick fun read, but the tone and emphasis were a bit different.

    1. I haven't read the book but avidly followed (and participated in) the blog and I can't imagine the book can capture the feeling like you're on a journey with her through this cookbook, and the community of people commenting on and participating in the process.

      1. I found her and her book really annoying

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          I'm halfway through and disappointed ... verging on being annoyed.

          1. re: C. Hamster

            I read this just recently and it certainly wasn't what I expected. (I didn't follow the blog). I had to force myself to finish it after the author admitted that she'd made it to adulthood without eating a "real" other words, an egg that looked like an egg. Give me a break!

          2. re: hon

            I did too. There wasn't so much appreciation for the food or the experience as a sense of being in a soul-less marathon with the clock ticking. Plus her personality seemed incredibly whiney and over privileged. ...but maybe that's because I was listening to her recording of the book rather than reading it.

            Maybe the blog was better. Does she still do it?

            I've heard she's divorced now. I can't say, from how self-centered she sounded, that I'm surprised.

            1. re: hon

              I, too, found the book annoying. In fact, I never finished it. In the book, though perhaps not on her blog, she came accross as, well, whiny. It was a great premise. Maybe this goes to show that even a great blogger is not the best writer in print.

              1. re: Seattle Rose

                My editor friends have told me the same thing. I have a friend who runs a specialized news site and he's just about stopped hiring bloggers (Or accepting "Blog" posts as writing examples). I think it has to do with the fact that they often JUST write about themselves and their experiences, when they have to write about others and their interpretation it just doesn't work...


              2. re: hon

                Many agree with you. In the end is was/is just a media marketing play. Ask for your money back. It was false advertising ;)

              3. I really enjoyed the book. Once I finished that I did a search for her blog and was shocked to see it was still out there in cyberspace. I was surprised to see so much of the blog in the book, but I still think the book was good.

                1. So, I just finished the book and I have to admit it wasa bit disappointing. The concept was great - aregular home cook working her way through such complex (and, admittedly, outdated) recipes. I pictured some great reading and some info on the recipes too.

                  What the book wound up being was just the boring details of the life of a blog writer - who just happened cook some recipes.

                  The concept of Julie/Julia - fascinating
                  Actual book - the life of just an average person who writes a blog, boring

                  It really could have been written much better. But you cannot fault the author, she is not a writer. She just got picked up by the publisher because of the media surrounding the blog.