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Oct 15, 2006 12:10 PM

Thai near the Zoo; best espresso

I'll be in DC next weekend and I wonder if anyone could recommend a good Thai restaurant near the Zoo (or Wisconsin Ave nearby)? Also, where can I find the best espresso, with baristas who know what they're doing? Thanks

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  1. not sure about thai near the zoo, but the best espresso and baristas are at murky coffee

    1. There's no great Thai near the zoo. Closest i'm aware of is Jandara, on Connecticut Ave. in Cleveland Park. i've not been in a while; my recollection is that it's not bad, just not memorable. Very, very convenient for you to take metro to Woodley Park/Zoo, Jandara is right there.

      1. Not Thai, but still SE Asian...Nam-Viet (Vietnamese) is near the zoo. :)

        1. geoff is right, jandara (in woodley park) is probably the closest. it's not great, but it's not bad. if you're taking metro, it's just doors down from the woodley park metro, so it's convenient.

          if you are driving, then you have more options which still aren't far. there's busara, on wisconsin
          and thaiphoon, in dupont circle, is also relatively close