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Oct 15, 2006 12:05 PM

Anything new (October 2006) in HK?

My wife and I have been to HK about every other year since 1996 and are heading back in a couple weeks. Any place new we should consider (other than Krispy Kreme)? Particularly seafood (The only thing with legs that my wife eats is crab and lobster - you could call her a "fishetarian.")

On our last trip, we fell in love with the Mango dessert shops - any particualarly good ones?

Also, thoughts on Hutong would be appreciated, as well as if there are any good higher end places in the new IFC area.

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  1. i's not a new place, but if you're looking for for a seafood place I would say head out to Sai-Kung. Right along the Promanade there's 4 or 5 HUGE resturants where you get to pick your own seafood from giant tanks. My personal favorite is Fai-Kee, and my personal favorite there is the Salt and Chili mantis Shrimp. They're scary looking, but SO good.

    As for Higher End resturants, a beautiful new chinese resurant just opened on the peak. I'm not sure what the english name is for the place, but it Translates into "Sky One". The food is amazing and the view is simplly spectacular.

    Hope this Helps!

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      Well, it's Tian Yi in "English" according to the Peak's website. Did it replace Mövenpick Marché? That was the first Mövenpick I ever saw (1997)?

      1. re: Gary Soup

        it did indeed replace the Movenpick. There's also a great Japanese Resturant up there now as well. I think what happened was Movenpick left, and four new resturants moved in. The third up there is a Babba Gump, and when I was home three weeks ago, the last resturant was still in the works.

      2. re: oracle347

        Thanks for the specific recommendation. I've been to Sai Kung a couple times, but was stymied by the choices.