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Oct 15, 2006 11:00 AM

Thanksgiving in north/central Jersey

Hi looking for ideas for restaurants serving a fairly traditional Thanksgiving menu to enjoy with my family after attending the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Low key and not too expensive would be nice.

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  1. What's your idea of "not too expensive"? Give us a per person dollar amount and tell us if it includes drinks (wine?), tax & tip.

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      I have never been out for dinner ona holiday but I guess it is not that different then other times of year-some prix-fixe some alacarte. I am thinking betweeen 50 and 75$ aperson not including alcohol
      Thanks adi

      1. re: adi

        My husband and I went out for Thanksgiving Day dinner for the first time ever last year. We chose David Drake, in Rahway, which was relatively new at that time, but which we'd already been to a few times.

        They served pretty much their usual dinner menu, with turkey and all the "trimmings" added as one of the main course options. For tradition's sake, we went with the turkey, which was excellent, and everything else we had was delicious as well. Service, as usual, was first rate. The restaurant is small (50 seats?) and has lovely decor. Casual dress is perfectly acceptable.

        Normally, one doesn't find children at David Drake's, but on Thanksgiving, it was family-friendly, and there was a table with two young, well-behaved children very near ours.

        The meal was a 3-course prix-fix and, if I recall correctly, the charge was the usual at that time, $49. The dinner prix-fixe is currently $54, so I'm guessing that's what they will charge for Thanksgiving this year.

    2. I would like to try the Manor in West Orange. If you would need a hotel room I believe there is a Residence Inn on the other side of the parking lot.

      I know Turkey and stuffing make me sleepy. My friend who flies for United raves about their seafood buffet on Sundays.