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Oct 15, 2006 02:11 AM

Alexander Valley Pickles

I thought I'd share a great pickle...real NY style when young, as is green, half-sour...It's Alexander Valley Manhattan style pickles. It's available at Pacific Market and Fiesta in Santa Rosa, and Sebastapol, and I tasted them at a "customer appreciations day" at Pacific Market, along side David's Pastrami. It's a great match, and these seem to be a real New York match together, as long as you have some great rye bread.

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  1. I love those pickles. They are also sold in Sonoma at the fig pantry and Sonoma Market. At the fig pantry you can buy a single pickle, so you don't need to commit ... eat the pickle before leaving, you'll want the jar.

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    1. re: rworange

      Here's a link to your post and more on the pickles.

      I've also seen them at Big John's market in Healdsburg.

    2. I was lulled into buying these pickles by a friend's raving about them. He said they were real half-sours.

      He's from Pittsburgh. I'm from New York.

      I know New York pickels. I've eaten New York pickles. These are not New York pickels.

      Props to Lloyd Benton.

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      1. re: snarkygirl

        No, they are not half sours and IIRC they don't promote them that way either. They also have another type that has some sort of pepper in it.

        Well, Conneticut/New York/Boston/Polish background here ... and IMO, at least at one time, Boston had the world's best half-sours. Never tried the pickles in Pittsburg though. I can see with the freshness and not being overly salted, how someone might think they were half-sours.

        Be that as it may, IMO the Alexander Valley pickle is superior to Gus's Pickles ... or at least the version of Gus that we get on the West Coast.