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Seafood in Fort Lauderdale????

We are still Looking for Great seafood in Lauderdale. Been to Blue Moon,Seawatch, Old Florida Seafood. What have I missed???

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  1. Gotta do Garlic or Golden Crabs at Rustic Inn at least once in your life.

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    1. go up to Pompano for the SUNFISH GRILL_ super tiny- make a reservation- WONDERFUL seafood- not cheap

      1. Sunfish Grill is no longer in Pompano Beach. It has moved to a new and larger location on Oakland Park Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.

        Still need reservations and still wonderful.

        1. I've been going to Sunfish Grill for over 7 years... always the same excellent quality from day one...
          Kudos to Tony (Owner/chef)... Erika (his wife who makes all of the breads and desserts)... and staff...
          They do it right every night!
          You definitely need reservations, even in their new, larger location (which includes a bar now).
          Don't miss it!

          1. Joe's Riverside Grill is very good as well. It's by the Sands Marina and Hotel. Park across the street in the public parking.

            I especially like their seared tuna with strawberry/jalapeno butter.

            Oh, and everyone should try Cap's Place in Lighthouse Point. Park in the Parking Lot and take their ferry boat to the restaurant. Great place with loads of history. I like the food, but some friends have said that it was just ok. If crabcakes are on the menu though, you can't go wrong, they are fabulous with NO filler to speak of.

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              I second Cap's Place, though not entirely for the food. Went there recently, and while the food's not all great (salad was like bagged, the vegetables were overcooked), they get good fish and know how to cook it the old-fashioned ways. Broiled yellow snapper, those crabcakes, and sauteed scallops were all excellent, as was an obviously from scratch Manhattan clam chowder. It's not the Sunfish Grill or anything, but the setting -- an old, creaky-floored barge on stilts in a woodsy clearing on the water -- makes up for enough.

            2. Cap's Place occupied a unique niche -- quality food that is cooked pretty much as it would have been 50 years ago (actually, Cap's goes back over 75 years).

              The fish is fresh and cooked simply. I don't know what salad hatless had, but Cap's is the only place I know in the area that serve authentic hearts of palm salad (albeit inferior to that served in Cedar Key).

              Th restaurant has, essentially, stayed in the same extended family since it opened (with gambling and illegal booze) so many years ago. Which reminds me . . . it has a great bar.

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                Yeah, the night we were there, the heart of palm salad wasn't available. Our companions had raved about it. The salad I had was the little side garden salad they include with entrees. Ehh.

                But those sauteed scallops. Oooh.

                And yeah, the bar is pretty great.

              2. The hearts of palm Salad hasn't been available since Wilma. She supposedly ruined their crop, and they haven't had any since. I'm hoping it will return, as it's the salad that I always enjoy(ed).

                The bar is a lot of fun. We usually don't make reservations, even with big crowds, cause the worst that's going to happen is we are going to sit in the bar for a couple hours, and have no problems with that.

                I agree about the food being cooked simply. The grouper chowder has been hit and miss for me, but I would say that it's been hit more than miss.

                And I can't stress enough. If you haven't tried the crab cakes, they are a must. It's always been fun. Go early so you can stare at all the pictures on the wall in the bar. And if you happen to get the right seat in the restaurant, you can see pictures of some of the folks that have enjoyed the Cap's place experience.. Churchill, FDR, Marilyn Monroe, and others..

                1. Bahia Cabana in Ft. Lauderdale (A1A). OK, not very fancy (think picnic tables) but the smoked fish spread appetizer and the view of the marina are some of my favorites. It's good food for the good price (not expensive).

                  1. Calypso in North Broward.

                    15th Street Fisheries in South Broward.

                    Sunfish on Oakland.