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Oct 15, 2006 08:53 AM

Hong Kong - eating as a vegetarian in non-vegetarian restaurants

I'm going to Hong Kong for a week with my vegetarian fiancee. We're from London, and we're used to her vegetarianism not being much of an issue - in cheaper restaurants there are almost always options, and higher end restaurants are happy to cater for her if we phone ahead. Is this likely to be the case in Hong Kong? Will there be any possibility of our going to dim sum places, for example?

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  1. Let's see, we were in Hong Kong a couple of months ago. Both of us are vegetarian. There are a few vegetarian places in HK, and most places we went turned out relatively veggie friendly. It was a breeze after being in China. We did not try HK dim sum though.

    We especially enjoyed Life Organic Health Cafe off the mid-levels escalator (friendly, casual, pleasant) and the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau island.

    Even Cafe Deco on Victoria Peak had several vegetarian options.

    We stayed at the Hotel Intercontinental on Kowloon (fantastic views!) and the restaurants there were more than happy to provide vegetarian meals. Even the buffet downstairs offered plenty of options (overpriced though).

    Honestly I had a harder time as a vegan in London (but that was six years ago).

    Enjoy your trip.

    1. As the previous poster suggested, I'd stick with vegetarian restaurants per se, or Western restaurants that can accomodate vegetarian requests. Vegetarianism is pretty much all or nothing in the case of Chinese restaurants, and accomodating vegetarians is probably an imposition most non-vegetarian restaurants would be unwilling to accept. I'm sure there are plenty of Buddhist vegetarians and vegetarian restos in HK.

      1. take the ferry to lamma island. lots of choices there.

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          Don't knowo about vegetarian options, but for seafood I prefer the more down-to-earth and less expensive Cheung Chau to Lamma, which is a bit too yuppie for my taste.

        2. Here's a stupid question.

          Wonton soup in the broth chicken based or fish based?

          My wife is a "fishetarian" (the only with legs that she eats is lobster and crab), and wondered if wonton soup is a possibility for her.

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            it all depends where you go for the soup - there isn't one type of recipie- If you're looking for wonton soup noodles, which is effectively 'wonton soup" I recommend the place on Wellington Street in Central. (it's right off Lan Kawi Fong) With a flashing Green Sign. I want to tell you it's Call "Chey Yeun" - Their soup is based on Angler Fish.

            As for Vegetarian options, there are more then one thinks in Hong Kong. I would recommend talking to your consiage at your hotel for the Chinese-Styled Vegetarian resturants with the textured vegetable protiens that looks and tastes like "meat". There are Vegetarian Dim Sum depending where you go. For the largest selection, Maxims Palace at City Hall is the best. (I highly recommened their Deep fried "Milk", Coffee Layered cake, but there lots and lots and lots -YUM)

            For seafood, I say sai-Kung as opposed to Cheung Chau or Lamma. Specifically "Fai-Kee" resturant - there are about six or Seven HUGE ones down by the Promande. Now these are the type of resturants where you choose your own seafood out of giant tansk before you get seated. It's totally worth the experience.

          2. Check out this site:

            My wife and I, both strick vegetarian, ate at Veggie XP Restaurant several times when they first opened, then again several months later and a year after that. They specialize in immitation meats.
            This place is very easy to find in Wanchai on Hong Kong Island.

            Branto Pure Indian Vegetarian Club is kind of hidden up a few flights of stairs in a building off Temple in Kowloon. It's worth the time it takes to find the place.

            Life Organic Health Cafe has a great unexpected selection of foods you likely would find back home. They sell sweets, juices, various items for people on the go and have a good sit down menu you must check out as well. This place is along the escalator south of Central on Hong Kong Island.