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Oct 15, 2006 08:18 AM

RJ's for Ribs moving

RJ's, a fixture of Beverly Hills for years, is moving to West Hollywood around the end of the year, to a location on Santa Monica Boulevard. Their old space of Beverly Drive will be taken over by the L.A. Food Show, a new restaurant created by the people behind California Pizza Kitchen.

RJ's used to be a great restaurant when it was owned by Bob Morris (he was R.J.) but it has never been as good since the new owners took over more than ten years ago. They kept most of the same menu and the ribs are as tasty as ever, though they sometimes don't seem as meaty. The real sad part is what's become of the once-excellent RJ's clam chowder. It was the best on the west coast but it's become a watery mess that tastes like it's made with canned ingredients. Morris now serves his authentic clam chowder recipe up at the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu.

RJ's used to be one of my favorite restaurants. After tonight's dinner there, I'm not sure I'll be following them to their new location.

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  1. Wasn't R.J.'s part of a brother duo that owned Adam's in Encino, Gladstones on PCH (when it was on the N side of the street and a seafood/salad bar in the building where Gladstones now rests? THAT'S when it was good!