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Oct 15, 2006 04:57 AM


Been feasting at Wat Thai L.A. most weekends since the last Songkran Festival. Also hit the Alameda Swapmeet once and several food carts and trucks in East L.A. and elsewhere around town. And then there the farmer's markets, usually less interesting for prepared chow.

The deal is that we need a new 'Chow Adventure' and have run out of ideas! Where should we go next? As always, TIA!!!

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  1. the fruit carts around LA county hospital are MONEY. $3 for what seems like over a pound of sheer fabulousness, with or without lime, salt, or chili powder to your liking.

    1. I think the $3 bacon-wrapped hot-dog at the Sunday Studio City Farmer's Market on Ventura Place is worth your time and money.

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        The same place makes fresh bionico for $3 or $4 (depending if they use mangoes) which is Out. Of. This. World.

        Also, as soon as the weather gets cold, go to the Hong Kong Superstore on San Gabriel and Valley and you can get hot pancakes with custard or red bean in them -- either outside the east door, or inside the north door. In the summer there's often someone squeezing sugar cane for juice outside the east door.

        Also a summer thing (they may be gone by now) but along several streets you can get tejuino, tesguino and tepache from men with hand-pushed carts. I know there's usually one on Roscoe a little bit west of Coldwater.

      2. Indonesian outdoor at the Duarte Inn - 1200 Huntington Drive, Duarte - sort of the Wat Thai of Indonesian food in a parking lot. On Saturdays from about 11 to 2 or 3. YUM!

        1. How about El Mercadito on East 1st street in ELA. Mariachis and good food stalls. Don't eat at the mariachi restaurants though.

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            I highly recommend the nieves, which are sold in teh food stalls just as you leave the parking lot and enter El Mercadito. The walnut one is especially good...

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              what did you eat at the Alameda Swap meet. Anything spectacular or intereting? I was there a while ago and dug the whole thing, but didn't think any of the prepared foods were that notable. Have you found any good Korean or Chinese Markets? Of course the Grand Central MArket is always good, and I have heard the Latin american market near the staples center on 37th is great too.