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Oct 15, 2006 04:39 AM

Best Steakhouse on North Shore or NW Suburbs?

I live in Highland Park and would be interested in fellow hounds' take on the best place to go for a great steak on the North Shore or nearby NW suburbs (e.g., Wheeling), considering not only the steak itself but the atmosphere and service. I'll be going there for my birthday next month with a family group of four ranging in age from 12 to 76. The place doesn't have to be a steakhouse per se, but looking for a nice, comfortable atmosphere with friendly service where you can carry on a conversation without yelling. (A decent but not ridiculously overpriced wine selection doesn't hurt, either.) I've eaten at Wildfire in Lincolnshire, Ruth's Chris in Northbrook, Don Roth's Blackhawk in Wheeling, and Di Pescare in Northbrook (not a steak place but had a very good steak there), but would be interested in hearing about any of those. I haven't yet been to The Palm in Northbrook, Pete Miller's in Evanston or Wheeling, Stoney River in Deerfield (word on that place is everything is too salty), or the new Morton's in Northbrook. Thanks!

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  1. I would definitely recommend Pete Miller's. Best steak I've had in years. Great jazz ambiance.
    Flemings in Lincolnshire was quite tasty, but I counted several drawbacks... Very pricey, and I thought their dining room music to be more appropriate for a Friday's than a classy steakhouse, and it was quite dark, there were more than one patron reading the menu by flashlight during my meal. But I had a nice time and the service was impeccable.

    1. Flemings in Lincolnshire!
      We love it... and the wine selection (bottle and glass) are amazing.