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Oct 15, 2006 04:10 AM

Best French Fries?

OK, where can I get really good fries? I'm talkin' handcut, thick, crispy on the outside (without coating them!) but soft on the insides, just lightly salted, NO hotlamping ...

Peter's and Boogie's are terrible (not handcut and wilty to boot), Diner Deluxe are too breakfasty and herby, Chicken on the Way comes close ...

Opinions? There was this tiny place in Seattle that served (only) Belgian style fries with flavored mayo ... oh how I miss them.

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  1. There is a place in Vancouver that is the same - I think it is called FRITZ...oh the selection of dips is what makes the fries!

    1. Victoria's Brasserie L'Ecole...crisp but with some texture, dusted with parmesan and scented with white truffle oil

      even better with some of Chef Brennan's duck confit

      1. I know that place in Seattle and I miss it so much as well! It was the highlight of my weekly shame sessions at the dog training centre next door. I haven't found anything comparable here. pleae share with me if you do.

        there was a place in vancouver that does the same thing really well. I haven't been there for a little while but it was an institution. It is on Commercial Drive, if you are familiar with the city.

        1. We just had some amazing frites at Quarry Bistro in Canmore- though even though their house-made ketchup is delightful, I couldn't help wondering how amazing they would taste with mayo, pref curry or aioli. Best fries I've had in Alberta- now let me second and third and fourth FRITZ in the Couv- I would frickin' kill to get them in Calgary.

          Apparently tubby dog has fries now- if they're as good as their onion rings, watch out.

          1. Try the Fries at Buffalo Bob's Pub - it's on 51 ST SW, north of Richmond Road (in the little Plaza with the DOMO station).

            Not overly thick, but skins on and well cooked. Ask for them to go easy on the salt.

            PS- This place can get VERY smoky, so you may want to wait until Jan 1, 2007 if you the smoke offends.