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Oct 15, 2006 03:54 AM

EVOO, Somerville, Report 10/14/06

Wow, another pitch perfect meal at EVOO. Started with Eva's Rabbit and Mesclun salad with cheddar, dried cherries, pecans. So hard to find a great salad and this one truly is, and one of us always orders it here. Lovely celery root soup with pears and chicken confit. The absolutely sublime Seared Scallops with that unctuous Porcini Flan,with sauteed mushrooms and demiglace.Great play of textures. Same flair with the Pumpkin Enchiladas with Chevre and Poblano Cream. The matchstick apple and toasted pumpkin seeds added perfect counterpoint of texture and tart/sweet touch to the spicy poblano Sauce. Ended with the amazing Cardamom Ice cream. I am a cardamom fiend, and this even beat Christina's kulfi ice cream, though without the pistachios. And as always, the service is completely sans-attitude; friendly, helpful, genuine and professional. As I have said before, this place is such a wonderful reflection of Peter and Colleen, the sweetest restaurant owners I have come across. In the end, the thing that I like most about Peter's food is that it refects an unusual global knowledge of cuisines AND the ability to produce diverse and delicious dishes reflecting that broad knowledge. The fact that a homegrown Irish Boston boy can make the single best potato samosas I have ever tasted...and then turn around and put out some amazing enchiladas AND that porcini flan.... well it really is something when a chef can be that talented.

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  1. I am glad you had a wonderful time at EVOO.

    I have been a fan of theirs for a couple of years. The "main" reason, being the excellent service I received, when I wasn't even eating dinner there. There were four of us, planning to go to dinner at Dali across the street. We were meeting at 6pm, and two of us arrived early (not knowing the area well). The doors to Dali, were locked shut, opening at 6pm only, which I respect. However; with a half hour to kill, we walked across the street to EVOO (they were closed, but we didn't know it), and we walked in the unlocked doors. A waiter came up to us, and we told them our predicament and he offered us to sit and have a glass of wine. The place was empty, but every table was set up beautifully, and he put us not at the bar, but at a table right in the window up front. We had a couple of glasses of wine each and left. Of course, we thanked the waiter with a generous tip, but felt bad that he now had to re-set the already beautiful table. I applaud good business sense, and btw, I was dissappointed with Dali and wished I was across the street eating at EVOO that night!

    1. My husband and I went to EVOO for the first time this past Friday evening and we thoroughly enjoyed the food, atmosphere, wonderful waitress and hosts. We enjoyed the fried oysters and the spring rolls as apps; my husband had the tenderloin and I had the Chinese box -- too full for dessert. I loved the place and I am looking forward to a return visit to try other noted menu choices.

      1. I agree - EVOO is one of my favorites - always consistanly good, warm service and Peter
        McCarthy has a great sense of whimsy which makes the meal that much more fun. I like a chef who doesn't think he's saving the world, but is putting out some excellent food.