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Oct 15, 2006 02:53 AM

Kansas City: Brand New -or- Coming Soon

I thought it might be fun to have a thread to announce brand new restaurants (opened less than a month) or restaurants that we see are preparing to open very soon in the Kansas City metro area.

Some of these places may eventually end up with threads of their very own but by posting them here and telling what we know about them, our Chowhound groupies can get a jump on things and check them out before they start getting media coverage elsewhere.

Want to play? :)

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  1. Today for the first time I noticed Mama Habiba Moroccan Tea Room & Coffee Shop on the northeast corner of 39th & Mercier (five blocks east of State Line).

    Couldn't tell if they are open yet but there are tables and chairs set about on the porch of the old house they occupy. It looked like they were unloading their mobile unit and taking things into the house, so perhaps they are preparing to open real soon now.

    Because they have the mobile unit, I assume they've been serving streetside and perhaps at events. Anyone familiar with them?

    The sign indicates their website but the site is only one page right now with their logo and a notation of "Coming Soon..."

    What do you know?

    1. I don't really know much lately! ;-) I am looking forward to 1924 Main's "Souperman" though... not sure when it will open, but last time I was there they thought construction would start at the end of October.

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      1. re: Katie Nell

        I'm going to 1924 for lunch on Thursday - I'll try to remember to ask them about "Souperman".

        Just this morning someone told me about "You Say Tomato" at 2801 Holmes. Sandwiches, Soups and Salads. And quiches - which are suppose to be divine. I plan to try it next week.

        1. re: Mushroom

          Are you just trying to make me jealous?!? Meanie! ;-)

          1. re: Mushroom

            I think Charles Ferruzza from the Pitch is single-handedly putting "You Say Tomato" on the KC foodie map this week. He just wrote a nice piece about them in the Pitch and he mentioned them again on the Walt Bodine show last Friday. Sounds like a terrific place for soups and sandwiches. I mean really, who goes to Holmes? I know I will be . . . to visit this place.

        2. Any news or reviews on the Green Acres grocery opening at Briarcliff Village?

          And is Pastry Goddess as good as everyone says it is? I noticed they have a spot at Briarcliff Village, too.

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          1. re: SundanceKC

            Pastry Goddess is pretty good. She used to provide the desserts for PF Changs in Midtown when I worked there and they were very consistent. Give her a shot. She is local and homemade. Why not try it?

            1. re: SundanceKC

              Sampled her fare at the Briarcliff Grand Opening...PG REALLY IS as good as everyone says. I rarely make it to that area of town, but will have to make a special trip now that I've been reminded of the Goddess! My mouth is watering...

            2. The Goddess is just about the only true pastry shop left in Kansas City! They make everything from ground zero and fresh daily. Kathy the chef/owner was the pastry chef for the american and EBT a few years back. Last time I had a danish at wally's it was a frozen brought one. A'la mode uses pre-made batters and doughs so does the shop on independence ave(they shouldn't even be in the same class)andre's buys pre made puff dough and so does Napol in westport. I have witness first hand how much butter kathy puts into her puff. She has a true pastry shop!

              1. Souperman is indeed set to begin construction in about a week and they are going to have delivery (eventually). I do love working downtown!

                Drove by the Briarcliff shops the other day and was interested in the Pasty Goddess and Green Acres, as well. Nice to have the (good)info on The Pastry Goddess. Have to agree that Wally's has gone way downhill - the last cake we ordered from there was like eating sawdust.