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Oct 15, 2006 02:26 AM


Hey chowhounds!

Can anyone help a Pennsylvania transplant find some good pierogies? Preferably on the West side, but I'm willing to travel. Thanks!

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  1. Warszawa restaurant on Lincoln in Santa Monica has pierogie. My husband who grew up eating his grandmother's pierogie liked them. Then again we lived in LA for two year before we found Warszawa, so he could have been desperate! But in general Warszawa gets good reviews on this a search you should find recs (and not just from me!)

    1. If you are willing to travel, the travel to Polka in Eagle Rock at the Corner of York and Verdugo (off the 2 fwy) for amazing pierogies. We had mushroom/sauerkraut, cheese and potato and I think they have one with chicken. The dough is homemade and the portions worth the drive. Service is warm and friendly...step through the door an it feels like you've been beamed to Poland.

      I assure you that you won't be disappointed.

      1. There is J & T Polish deli on Wilshire at 12th in Santa Monica, and across the street between 12th and 13th is a Ukranian deli.

        1. Thanks! Can't wait to try them.

          1. How are the pierogies at The Polka?