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Frozen roti or other Asian flatbreads

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Wondering where I can buy frozen roti or paratha or some other sort of Indian/Asian breads. I've heard that buying them frozen and heating them up in a pan of butter is much easier--and tastier--than trying to make them from scratch. I live in Ballston, so places around here would be best. Thanks!

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  1. Restaurant Depot (wholesale only) has a bunch of Kontos brand (makers of very good pocketless gyros pitas)in various varieties (naan, etc) but I don't know where they're sold retail.

    I know I've seen some (a few) Indian frozen breads on my last trip to the 7 Corners Grand Mart (in with the frozen onion pancakes and dumplings).

    1. If you can make it to Vienna, I know for sure All World Groceries on 123 has it.

      1. Go to Halalco on Hillwood Ave. in Falls Church. They have all the varieties you are looking for. Also Fresh Foods has Rotis too but no Parathas.

        1. Indian groceries will certainly have them. I only know the stores in Alexandria (Delhi bazaar -- now move to a new location in the strip mall on Van Dorn, opposite what used to be Thai Hut) and Annandale (Shivam Music & Spices). Grand mart & Super H Mart both also have frozen Paratha. Actually, so do the Thai groceries I've been to (Duangrat's and Bangkok 54).

          1. In addition to Indian grocery stores (look for Indian Spice and Appliance in the Clarendon area near you), you might check the freezer section at your local Trader Joes. They often have a small selection of their own brand.

            As to tastier than from scratch, I'm not sure I'd believe it. Nothing quite lives up to my memory of a few tastes of our next door neighbor's fresh from the pan Indian breads when I was a kid.

            1. The frozen Naan at Trader Joe's is really quite good and cooks up almost like the breads from a middling neighborhood Indian restaurant.

              1. I know exactly what you are looking for, and yes, it is far superior to any naan or precooked roti you will find at places like Trader Joe's. Here is a photo of the product:


                This is the only brand I have tried and it is highly regarded. What you get are five very thin dough pancakes which are placed in a pan with butter or ghee and cooked--takes about 5 minutes. The resulting texture is like croissant. They can brown up quickly if you are not paying attention. The picture on the package is what they look like after cooking.

                I get mine at Asia Bazaar at the Hybla Valley Center on 7848 Richmond Highway, it is the strip mall just before the Walmart if you are coming south. I imagine many Indian markets would carry it, as it is extremely popular, call around and ask for it by brand or description (make sure it is the dough type, not the pre-cooked).

                If you decide you have to make the drive to this place to get them, be sure to call ahead and request they set some aside for you, these things sell like hotcakes and they are frequently sold out.

                1. A-1 Groceries on Lee Highway on the right just past Glebe and next to Subway has a good selection. They also carry some local homemade stuff.
                  Really close to you on Wilson Blvd is a Pakistani Store ( look for a run down white building ) I am not sure but I think the name is Madina Halal.
                  The Indian spices n Appliances mentioned upthread was razed to make room for a swankier high rise, rumour has it that they shall return once the building is done.

                  1. I noticed the other day that Indian Spices and Appliances (love that name!) was now somewhere (didn't see the store, just the sign for it) in that plaza in Falls Church on Broad St (Rt 7) where Z Pizza, UPS, party stores, etc is.