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Oct 14, 2006 11:48 PM

Best butcher shop in St. Pete

I picked up this thread on the New York board and am looking for what people consider the best butcher shop (department) in St. Pete for overall quality, including price.

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  1. shaner's land and sea market

    1. Sadly, but from the response so far, I gather St. Pete has next to nothing when it comes to a good meat market. Can anyone dispute this claim? If not,where can I buy really good quality meat in the area?

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      1. re: patken

        I pick up some really good meats from Fresh Market on US19 up in Countryside. You might want to try the market at Mazzaro's on 22nd Ave. N. in SP. Also, give a glance at George's Market on Haines Rd. four blocks west of 16th Ave. N in SP.


      2. My favorite is Shaner's Land and Sea in Pass-a-Grille. Friendly , helpful family run. great prices. Just got my fresh turkey there. There seafood is always great. Try them out.

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        1. re: maryohara1216

          Mazzaro's has the best meat and the best selection.

        2. I haven't seen a real butcher shop anywhere in Pinellas County recently......used to be a little one up by me in Northern Pinellas, but they closed down years ago. I would love to find an actual butcher shop and would be willing to drive a decent distance to be able to get quality meats and custom cuts.

          1. The only "retail" butcher shop in Pinellas County that carries prime beef is Harr's in Palm Harbor.


            Up north, Acropolis Meats has better quality meats at a better price than the supermarkets...