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Oct 14, 2006 10:55 PM

trip to Atlanta half over ... thanks for all the recs

Our first night here we hit Floataway Cafe, which was wonderful. They were out of all the most tempting items on the menu, but what we ended up ordering (2 different pastas and the chicken)were fabulous. I don't recall what we had for apps, but I do recall how good they were. I guess no one warned them that 30,000 hungry neuroscientists were coming to town. But service was splendid and friendly.

Last night was Two Urban Licks. They certainly have a Studio 54 scene going on, even when you have a reservation. But we loved the food. We relied on our waiter, Juan, to recommend the best things on the menu and were richly rewarded. Particularly good was the pork shoulder that my DH had. We shared the (complimentary!) shuttle back to downtown with a very nice local couple who were furious that the wait was so long after they arrived for their reservation. It would seem the place is getting too big for its britches.

Tonight is Eugene. I'll make an effort to report back later this week. I always wish other hounds would do so after we offer suggestions on the Boston board.

So far we've been very impressed with the chow here. The only disappointment is that everything seems to be a 15-minute cab ride away from our hotel.

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