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Oct 14, 2006 10:49 PM

Thanksgiving in Houston: Thanksgiving dinner plus other meals

Will be visiting Houston for extended Thanksgiving weekend and we are looking for some place that serves a "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner--turkey, cornbread dressing, the usual boring side dishes and of course pumpkin pie.

For the rest of the weekend, we have dinner reservations at Rainbow Lodge one night and we're considering eating Bistro Moderne the other night, but would welcome any upscale suggestions.

For lunches, we would like recs on the following:

Best BBQ
Best Chicken-Fried Steak
Best Vietnamese


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  1. 17 at the Alden hotel downtown did a great Thanksgiving prix fixe meal last year--traditional but modern. Everything about it was superb. I also remember hearing that chef Scott Tycer did a Thanksgiving meal at Gravitas, his bistro with chef Jason Gould on Taft. That might be worth checking into, too. Or call Brennan's Houston--they always do festive holiday meals.

    I also think you should try Pizzatola's BBQ on Shepherd while you are here.

      1. Brennan's is great for T-giving, also after your great feast for great bbq Hickory Hollow has the best bbq and chicken fried steak in town. two locations, one on Washington drive and the other Fairbanks N.Houston. they have 3 sizes of chicken fried steaks loosen your pants and go for it...have a great time here.

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        1. Try Le Cep on Westheimer, just west of Wilcrest. Owned and operated by the former owners of Rotisserie For Beef and Bird. French country at its best, and nicely priced. Probably need reservations for dinner. I still overnight in Houston 3 or 4 times a year and it's the ONLY Houston restaurant's phone number still stored in my cell phone!


          1. Upscale:
            Mark's Restaurant,1658 Westheimer Rd.,
            Da Marco, 1520 Westheimer Rd.,
            Both Mark's and DaMarco require reservations.

            William's Smokehouse, 5903 Wheatly Ave (Acres Homes
            )Located in predominately black neighborhood in near north Houston. Very good ribs, good brisket and side dishes. Texas Monthly magazine rated Top Ten and Top Five Texas BBQ places.

            Thanksgiving Dinner:
            Cleburne Cafeteria, Bissonnet St (Bellaire),
            Has very long lines due to its popularity and great prepared-from-scratch food. Worth standing in line though.

            Chicken Fried Steak:
            Hickory Hollow, 101 Heights Blvd, (Heights
            )Not as good as it once was but still better than most places for CFS's. (other Houston location at 8038 Fallbrook Drive, near Sam Houston Race Park)