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Oct 14, 2006 09:41 PM

A Great New Sushi Restaurant on Eglinton near Allen Road

Sado Sushi has recently opened on Eglinton Ave. between Bathurst and Allen. I was thrilled when I found prior to eating there that it is owned by the same people as my favourite Japanese restaurant in Montreal, Atami.

My family ate there last weekend and I'm happy to say that the menu is exactly the same as in Montreal, and the food is just as good. This isn't your usual Japanese fare - it's a notch above. You must try some of the chef's specials, which are listed and described on a paper separate from the menu.

The fish is glisteningly fresh, the dishes quite original in their execution. The service was impeccable, although the food was a bit slow in coming, which our server apologized for and made up for with complimentary miso soup and two incredibly delicious desserts.

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  1. Olivergail, thank you for posting this review. I just finished some very mediocre (if you could call it that) take out sushi from Tokyo Sushi down the street.

    Does Sado do take out as well or just eat in?

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      We just went back there again for dinner tonight. It was as good as last time, if not better. The service was amazing and the kitchen and sushi chefs were getting the food to the tables much more quickly.
      I have seen people coming in to pick up take-out orders.

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        1. Ben Reiner and I have decided that before posting to the board, we will visit a restaurant twice in order to give it a fair review. And so, we waited just a mere 7 days before returning to Sado Sushi.
          I was excited to try it the first time because, as a former Montrealer who always ate at both Atami and Maiko (two of the three brothers own those), I felt a little nostalgic about some of my favorite rolls (the Atami roll, for one...with shrimp and green pepper tempura). However, since moving to Toronto 4 years ago, both of those restaurants have undergone a complete transformation, with a whole menu of specialties that I was not aware of before.
          And finally, we Torontonians get the privilege of the third brother's Japanese delicacies at his new restaurant Sado Sushi.

          So, when you go to Sado Sushi, you have a few choices on the menu. If you like your standard sushi, sashimi, and maki, you can select from the wide variety of fresh fish. Or, if you aren't a fish eater, you can always fill up on the piping hot sirloin or chicken teriyaki, that comes sizzling to your table on a hot stone plate...and brings with it, a delicious sweet aroma. Third, (this is what we did both times), is order omakaze - just write down how much you want to spend per person (you'll be full at about $35-40/person) and the chef will prepare you plates like faux crab salad on a crispy rice cake, grilled tuna tataki with a peppercorn crust, tuna cambozola sushi pizza, grilled chilean sea bass, and lobster roll.
          For dessert (yup, we made room), we shared the chef's delight, a deep fried pancake wrapped around ice cream drizzled with maple syrop.
          It's located on Eglinton, just west of Bathurst. It's certainly a must!

          1. The best sushi and maki, and the most inventive specialties we've had in Toronto! We've been there twice, and have no desire to go anywhere else.

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