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Oct 14, 2006 09:23 PM

[AUS] Best (tasting) birthday cake?

We've had birthday cakes for my kids from Lucy's and Sweetish Hill, and while both looked pretty, neither place made a cake that I would call particularly tasty. From Lucy's we've tried both the strawberry cake and the chocolate, and we just got a black & white (chocolate cake with cream cheese icing) from Sweetish Hill. All fairly flavorless.

I'd get something fancy-schmancy like a tres leches, but these are for my children, who like decorations.

Am I better off just getting a cake from HEB?

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  1. While my favorite cake in Austin is either 1886 Cafe or The Bread Alone Bakery in Schlotsky's on Lamar, for a b-day cake I would suggest Central Market or Whole Foods.

    Good Luck!

    -Ellen aka Queen of Sky (

    1. We got a tres leches birthday cake from HEB for our son's birthday and it was delicious. But I hear Costco makes good cakes, too.

      1. try the Gateau Marisa, a strawberry cream cake, from Upper Crust Bakery. it's divine and great for birthdays. you have to order it in advance. for chocolate lovers, their Grandma's Chocolate Cake is great as well.

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          i just checked their web site. the gateau marisa has alcohol. you might want to see if they can make it without for the kids. or try their other cakes. they are all pretty good and look great.

        2. For my birthday recently my girlfriend got me the Black & White and the Venezulan (sp) chocolate cake from Sweetish Hill. I agree on the B&W being flavorless but the chocolate cake there was fantastic with a super strong chocolate flavor and a bit heavier than mousse mouth feel.

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            That Venezuelan chocolate torte sounds fantastic, although probably not good for kids since it has booze in it. I might try it just for me, though.

            An HEB Tres Leches might be tasty. Will they decorate it like a normal old cake?

          2. Chez Zee may be a pedestrian choice, but their cakes are hella good. Especially awesome is the Lemon Rosemary cake.

            WARNING: The management has been pretty jerky in the past. YMMV.