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Oct 14, 2006 08:58 PM

Veggie-friendly Mexican in Sunnyside/Woodside?

We're looking for good Mexican food in Sunnyside/Woodside that has some vegetarian-friendly options. Is El Jarro/De Mole the way to go for this (I noticed they have a few items)? Or is there some other place I don't know about? I also have the same question regarding arepas- I've had good experiences with veggie offerings at Caracas in the East Village, but haven't heard about any non-Arepa-lady options in Queens...

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  1. De Mole has absolutely delicious spinach enchiladas. Also a nice cactus tostada.

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      Yeah, we ended up there. I got the nopales (cactus) burrito. Delicious!

    2. Went yesterday for lunch and had the sauteed spinach Enchiladas. Fantastic. I love this restaurant and the waitress is so incredibly pleasant. It's possible that she's also the owner.

      1. I'm a bit out of the loop. Where is deMole? Crosstreets and neares train would be great.

        1. It's on 48th Ave & 45th Street in Sunnyside. Used to be "el jarro," but only the name is new. Nearest train is 7 at 46th Street. It's a short walk from there.

          1. I really fell in love with the Nopales (cactus) Tacos at De Mole last night (business was hopping, by the way).

            Digressing for a sentence or two: That recent Bill Buford book about Batali isn't much more than a beach read, but there were some interesting parts, and I feel like my cooking benefited from the repeated references to how Batali uses bright/bitter citrus flavors to really spark the customer's taste buds. You eat a bite of something that is spiked with this sort of acid-y flavor, and you just want more.

            The nopales at De Mole have that going--they're a little charred, and there's some sort of vinegar or citrus-y thing going on that makes you immediately want to have about 5 more bites. It's a chemical reaction. All of the spinach dishes there are really good (the pork stuff is clearly a cut below the competition, IMO) but I wish I would have oredered more cactus last night... De Mole absolutely slays the cactus... Disclaimer: Neither my wife or sister-in-law loved the nopales as much as I did, but they agree on the spinach enchiladas, quesadillas, etc.