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Oct 14, 2006 08:53 PM

Seafood in Portland

I'm looking for seafood restaurants and markets. I've lived here a couple of months and I'm having a doussie of a time finding a decent fish market. The best I've found are Asian markets on 82nd and supermarkets. I live near Lloyd Center. Can you recommend places to check out?
Also looking for a reasonably-priced seafood restaurant for tonight, a place that knows how to cook it so the scallops don't go boing.

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  1. Newman's in City Market NW. Uwajimaya in Beaverton. Whole Foods.

    1. I would add that if you're a fan of crabcakes, Whole Foods makes wonderful ones (carried in the fish market) - they're as good as or better than many I've had in restaurants and there's VERY minimal filler, too. Last time I bought some was about 6 months back and I think one costs about $6 or so. I just pan fry them briefly to warm 'em up.

      1. I think New Seasons has the best fish in town. The one on Division may be closest to you.

        1. Pacific Seafoods, 3380 SE Powell Blvd. A number of the top restaurants get their fish from them. Everything is always fresh. They are not open on weekends.

          Whole Foods is a good bet for the ususual, like monkfish and skate. Be careful to eyeball or smell, because I don't think they pay a lot of attention to freshness. I've bought monkfish there and gotten it home to find it to be a little close to the "pull" point.


          1. I'll check out Pacific again. I went in a couple weeks ago and the stuff looked awful