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Oct 14, 2006 08:27 PM

Looking for great chinese food in Chinatown

I usually go to Chow Foo, but now I can't stand the bad service any longer. I love the sesame chicken there and would love to be able to get some at someplace else, it doesn't even have to be in Chinatown. Thanks

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  1. There is no great Chinese food in Chinatown, though some places are good. My favorite is Mayflower over on Spring Street. This recent thread lists some others.

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      I really like Mayflower as well. If you'd like to see pics of some of their dishes, check out my pics below:


    2. You mean Foo Chow on Hill Street where they filmed the Jackie Chan movie Rush Hour? Only reason to go there are the lunch specials starting at $2.95. Hate to tell you most Chinese restaurants have bad service so get over it or you'll always be disappointed...whether your Chinese or not. I'm Chinese so I guess its OK if I make that generalization. I'm a fan of May Flower for certain things and I frequent the place regularly and know the owners and the service there is still spotty.(soup always comes out after the main course)
      Hop Li in Chinatown isn't bad and I've found the service there to be pretty efficient.

      1. I know I'll get dissed for this but I always have a good time and eat good food at Yang Chow. Besides the slippery shrimp, their eggplant in spicy garlic sauce, the hot'n'spicy won ton soup (listed among specials on the menu), the lamb.

        I also like Chinese Friends up toward the northern end of Broadway, Hop Li on the southern end a block over, and Mandarin Deli for fried stuffed-noodley dishes.

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          Good thing they have slippery shrimp because that put them on the map or gets me to go there. I look around and I'm the only Chinese person eating there.

        2. I keep walking by Hop Woo downtown (845 N. Broadway) and notice their large case of roast ducks ($11 each). Are they any good?

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            Nothing to rave about, you'd think you were in Sam Woo (down the street on Broadway)...same food and atmosphere.

          2. I still continue to insist that the best Chinese food in Chinatown is Hop Li. I find the food to be consistently good and in some instances excellent. There stir fried fresh lobster in ginger and green onion sauce is one of the best I've ever had, various versions of fresh crab, Peking duck etc. The service is also good to excellent expecially when they get to know you. There is one waiter named Joe sho I have known for 20 years, but he was as friendly the first time as he is now.