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Oct 14, 2006 08:04 PM

Your 'regular' middle of the week spot...

I've got a couple Regulars. Not to say they are regular in quality, but that they are the kind of place I go for a 'middle of the week', affordably priced, tasty meal, with fun service and no pretention.

I'd love to know other people's choices.

I'm in and around Trinity Bellwoods, so this has an impact on my own choices but here they are:

Musa: Dundas and Euclid. Casual, fun, cheap. Steak salad, mousakka, chicken special, cheap Cotes du Rhone.

Regina Trattoria: College and Shaw. Northern italian like Nona makes it. Big delicious pasta portions cooked properly, great pizza. Funny old-school appetizers like Prosciutto and Melon.

Terroni: Queen W and Manning. Similar to Regina, but a bit more expensive, certainly more stylish and 'in'. Sometimes the cream or butter based sauces on certainpasta dishes are laddled on a bit heavy.. but overall, great atmosphere and nosh.

La Palette: Kensington Market (Augusta st.) More expensive. Great staff (if you are outgoing and friendly to them). Great wine list, really well grilled meats.

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  1. House on Parliament-pulled pork hands down. I'll go there any night of the week

    1. Mine won't make me popular with the Hounds, but I gotta say for a mid-week break I enjoy dining at the bar at Hernando's Hideaway on Yonge at Wellesley. I go for the whatever's on special with a margarita (or 2), hockey, and a good (bad?) joke from Dollard. (Okay you can skip the bad TexMex retorts. I know, I know already... What can I say?)

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        haha its okay, I have only eaten there once (at the other location), but I gotta say.. it was pretty good for that greasy cheesy tex mex I sometimes crave

        1. re: Googs

          I also really like that particular location of Hernando's Hideaway. The food is not the greatest, but it is fine for when you crave some down and dirty tex mex type food, plus the atmos is fun.

          1. re: Googs

            I will chime in and say that I also like this place. I've mentioned it before on here and been shot down. We all realize it's not "authentic" but for what they serve, they are very consistent. The food is always tasty, the servers are friendly, and the vibe is very relaxed. In the summer they open up the windows, so if you're lucky enough to get one of the tables alongside you have a great view of the Flatiron building and the park beside it. Also, they sell some sort of darker Dos Equis beer that I really like, it's a cut above the usual corona-with-a-lime crap most tex-mex places push. Definitely a decent middle of the week go-to place... just don't bring any real Mexicans along for the ride. Think Mexi-Casa Taco Kit... but much better.

            1. re: Gary

              So it's agreed: Hernando's is our guilty pleasure. I usually think decent food in a place where I can watch the game with friends. Great mid-week stress relief. If only there were more places like that.

          2. My Middle-of-the-weekers in the YOnge and Davisville neighborhood are: Acquolina (pizza/pasta, nice owner who's always there- you can sit at the bar); Mariachi's (for when I miss my old old days at Mexi's in New Brunswick-sigh, I can't lie); and Tabule on yonge (great middle-eastern- cheap and cheerful, those little armenian sausages, omg).

            1. In my part of town, when I'm looking for a casual, pleasant, affordable joint that I'm reluctant to tackle on weekends (because it's too crowded and, therefore, not as casual and pleasant as it is mid-week), I prefer:
              1. Mashu-Mashu, a middle-Eastern spot on Spadina Rd. north of St. Clair, for good lentil soup, salads and nicely-done baked rainbow trout;
              2. Paese, an Italian resto on Bathurst St. north of Wilson, where you can dine at either a high, low or in-between price (which is a sign of a consumer-friendly restaurant), for pizzas, fowl dishes and interesting daily specials. Though Paese has a large wine list, it also charges no corkage whatever if you bring your own. Very friendly and professional service; and
              3. Ferro, on St. Clair Ave. west of Christie, which always seems busy but slightly less so mid-week (Mon. and Tues. are best if you don't want your ears assaulted by the noise level), for superb sandwiches (I'm partial to the Charles sandwich), appetizers, decent pizzas, soups and one of the more reasonably priced wine lists in town.

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              1. re: juno

                Good to know about Paese .. when I'm visiting my Grandma up in North York and want to go with her to a nice Italian joint. Thanks.

              2. I have two very regular mid-week spots: Tacos El Asador on the north side of Bloor at Clinton; and Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu on the south side of Bloor at Clinton. Tacos El Asador usually for take out on the way home; and, veggie soon tofu, at the restaurant (I've actually seen people do take-out but I cannot imagine it not being served in the cast iron pot straight from the oven.

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                1. re: mickeyj

                  I've passed Tacos El Asador many times and keep meaning to stop, what do u recommend?

                  1. re: jen2202

                    I recommend the crispy chicken taco, any of the burritos, and the guacamole. And the tamales and the pupusas. All delicious and, although the surroundings are crude, the people that run the joint are very friendly and it's a nice place to spend an hour with some cheap eats and a beer.

                    1. re: mickeyj

                      so i went to tacos el asador today. i ordered a chicken taco but didnt specify crunchy and they gave me soft, if was boring, not alot in it. That was the only thing i could remember u recommending at the time so i had nachos too. they were pretty good. the place was really busy and the staff was nice, everyone was ordering pupusas but i dont know what they are so i didnt order one. thanks for the rec tho, when i go back next time ill try the crunchy taco and a pupusa...whatever it is!