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Oct 14, 2006 07:17 PM

Good Burgers and Chinese in Monterey Area?

Hey guys i'm looking for some really good burgers not fast food style but very good quality fresh ground meat with fantastic toppings like fresh sweet tomatoes, bacon, good chedder etc.

Also i'm looking for some good chinese food and would be thrilled to find a dim sum place in the monterey area.

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  1. Stokes has one fo the best burgers anywhere. Fresh ground meat with real cheese and carmelized onions, house made pickles, real fries...I could go on.

    Only at lunch tho..

    1. The general quality of Chinese food on the peninsula is not very good (imho). There is a relatively new Chinese place on Forest (same stripmall as Cork 'n Bottle - the place used to be Yang's) that serves dim sum on weekends. But it seems to be ordered off a menu and the choices looked pretty limited, so I didn't try it.

      If anyone else knows of good Chinese in the Monterey area, please let us know.


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        Well it's good to know that there's even that option now in Monterey. When I used to go to Monterey on business, I'd drive up to San Jose or Cupertino for Chinese food. (Once did it two times in the same day.) And I missed out on that one really good Chinese seafood restaurant in the 1990s on Fremont St., near the Monterey/Seaside boundary. Can't remember the name of the places--can anybody think of it?

        1. re: Chandavkl

          I remember it; Norma Jean's is in that space now. Yes, it was good. If it is the one I am thinking about, it opened around '95. In the late 80s or early 90s, Fulina up on Forest had an owner/chef from Shanghai and sometimes served the most amazing authentic Chinese food on a really cheap buffet (stuff like whole fish, great h & s soup, seaweed soup, baby bok choy in garlic sauce, barbecued pork baos etc). But it was mostly wasted on his audience, so he eventually went back to China. I was so bummed.


          1. re: Ed Dibble

            I think the place on Fremont was called something like Seafood Village. I remember driving up and down Fremont St. looking for the place before realizing it was gone.

      2. There is a Chinese place behind Rio Grill in the Crossroads. Anyone know anything about this place?

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