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What do you drink with sushi?

I drink either hot green (plain) tea or sake. Sometimes I see people drinking Diet Coke and wondered if that interfered with the delicacy of the raw fish.

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  1. Usually hot or cold sake depending on the temperature outdoors.

    1. I drink beer.

      Diet Coke? Yuck.

      1. Ice cold Ichiban with a hot sake chaser!!!!!!!!!!!11

        1. Usually water and tea. Sometimes cold sake.

          1. Beer or tea... sake is for before or after the sushi since you shouldn't be having sake, made from rice, with sushi which is rice. With sashimi it's sake, premium cold sake.

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              Whether or not I SHOULD be having sake with my sushi, I do...I enjoy hot sake with my sushi. Why "shouldn't" rice wine be drunk with rice? Should one not drink wine with food containing grapes or raisins??

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                Nah, Tang's not sweet enough for me. Thanks for the recommendation, though.

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                  It's all cultural... The Japanese believe that you shouldn't eat rice with sake. So I try to do the same out of respect.

              2. Usually, a carafe of tangy cold sake or a giant can of Sapporo. But sometimes, sparkling water or hot tea.

                1. Green Tea during day, sake and beer at night...

                  1. At Hatsuhana, a very upscale sushi restaurant in Manhattan, I have observed the Japanese guests drinking Budweiser and Johnny Walker, while the foreigners drink Sapporo beer or sake.

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                      Budweiser? That's interesting- since Bud's made w/ rice- 1 reason why it's an inferior beer. Evidently it's still true- many Japenese like all things American, disregarding taste. Still surprising because Japan is known for recognizing, and producing quality.

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                        Most if not all Japanese beers are made with rice. I find it funny when people poo-poo Budweiser and yet drink Sapporo and Asahi, or Tsing-Tao which is one of the most boring beers I've ever tried.

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                          Budweiser has been trying for years to penetrate the Japanese market and they just don't seem to succeed on any large level. It's more available than a few years ago, but if I compare NYC to Tokyo, it's much easier to find Sapporo & Asahi in New York than to find Bud in Tokyo.....That said, it's not unsual for Japanese to like Bud simply because it's lighter in body and flavor than Japanese brews. It goes well with a heavy food like sushi and a cold beer will trump the "no rice with rice" rule any day.

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                          beer drinkers often like the freshest beer (hence the born on date), and folks who have a favorite beer when at home often won't order it abroad because it tastes OLD, if not skunky, to them. So guys from Japan will order a beer that they know will be fresher when they're in America, and Americans will continue to be shocked that Sapporo tastes so different in Japan (or Guinness in Ireland, Newcastle in England, Beck's, Heineken, Tsing-Tao, etc.)

                        3. Nothing goes better than a good beer.

                          1. I like to drink a nice crisp white wine like a sav blanc (not a grapfruity one, though) or a dry chenin blank or dry reisling or pinot blanc...

                            1. Usually beer; whatever the joint has that I like, Japanese or not.

                              In the colder months, I'll have some hot sake after. Especially since I find a lot of places don't have a very good selection of cold sake, and getting it by the glass is even more difficult.

                              1. I used to drink Japanese beer with sushi, until they started brewing the stuff in North America. Kirin, Sapporo, Asahi are all brewed by either Budweiser in Los Angeles or Molsen in Canada, and to me they taste like Bud or Moosehead. If I have to have a beer, I just order a Bud or whatever's local, if they have any.

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                                  Fortunately, to me Sapporo oil cans still taste like Sapporo. They don't have that strange, metallic cutting edge that Mud and Biller have. So for me, it's a Sapporo oil can most times.

                                2. Either hot or cold sake, depending on the time of year and what's available, and green tea at the end of the meal.

                                  1. I like oolong-hai, which is shochu mixed with oolong tea. In Japan beer is most popular. People there don't usually drink sake with sushi because of the reason mentioned above by JMF. I like green tea after the meal..I remember a long time ago when I first went to Japan, a woman asked me "Is it true that Americans drink Coke when they eat sushi?". I said "yeah, we drink Coke with anything". She laughed very hard. My response was, "well we don't put mayonnaise on pizza". Personally, I wouldn't drink soft drinks with sushi though.

                                      1. For some reason I always have to have gingerale. I guess it makes sense seeing as how they serve it with pickled ginger.

                                        1. A place near me has hot tea, cold tea (canned), cold sake, hot sake, water (all kinds), beer and San pelligrino Aranciata. You know, the clean, real orange flavour isn't a bad complement to the sushi. Especially as he serves his Tako with paper thin slices of lemon.

                                          Although, I usually enjoy some Japanese beer or hot tea -- especially if they have Genmaicha with the toasted rice in it.

                                          1. I usually drink a fruity crisp white wine like a Riesling or a Gewurtz.

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                                              I agree with you -- Riesling and sushi are a match made in heaven.

                                            2. The same drink i have with all my meals, sparkling water.

                                              1. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this already. We have a restaurant in the area that does nice sushi, but since the restaurant is not Japanese they do not serve sake. So as a replacement I tried a martini and it goes really well with sushi - try it some time.

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                                                  Beer or wine and a lot of water to cool down the wasabe.

                                                2. Usually beer, then either sake or tea in equal frequency.

                                                  1. hot sake and a large asahi!

                                                    1. At home, champagne. Out, sake and asahi.